Taylor Swift ‘London Boy’ guide to the capital 💕

“You know I love a London boy, I enjoy nights in Brixton, Shoreditch in the afternoon…”
It’s no secret Cooper and I are Swifties (the collective term for ‘fans of Taylor Swift’). He might not like me mentioning it too much in public, but trust me, we’re up there dancing with the best of them at… Continue reading Taylor Swift ‘London Boy’ guide to the capital 💕

Royal Wedding Aussies live from London

I’m not going to lie, we got pretty excited about the royal wedding!
Well, I did, and I dragged Cooper down with me.

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We had the exciting task of dipping our toes back in old familiar waters, and ended up as… Continue reading Royal Wedding Aussies live from London

Anzac Day in London

Back at home in Australia sometimes you’ll find us engaged in banter at the pub with our neighbours from New Zealand. We’ll give each other a little good-humoured grief about our accents and get into heated debates about who boasts the best cities.
We can make fun of each other at home, you know? But overseas when… Continue reading Anzac Day in London

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