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We’re thrilled that you’re considering partnering with us. Our skills are multidimensional and we’re eager to share our experience with you to help bring your project or brand to life.

Below, you’ll find an overview of our services that include:

– Website copy, news, features and blogs – Copy editing – Video editing – Communications and content project work – Online community management – Brand partnerships and collaboration – Coaching and mentoring: business, teaching, house sitting, confidence, travel

Website Copy, News + Features, Blogs

We are an experienced writing team and will work closely with you to generate engaging, SEO-friendly website copy, news articles, and blog posts tailored to your unique voice and audience. Over the past ten years, Travel Live Learn has won numerous industry awards for our content. These include accolades dished out by Flight Centre, The Australian Digital Influencer Awards and UK Blog Awards. We believe in storytelling that resonates and inspires, and we’re committed to creating visual, audio and written content that does just that for you.

Published magazine features

Sarah has fifteen years experience editing and writing for lifestyle magazines and websites in Australia, the UK and North America. Click below to read samples.

Copy Editing

With an eye for detail and a knack for precision, we are ready to refine your written work to ensure that it’s clear, concise, and grammatically impeccable.

We offer you 10+ years global experience writing for and editing print and digital publications in an array of areas including lifestyle, tourism, healthcare, business, real estate and education.

If you want support with copy editing, whether you’re getting started in business or you’re a member of the C-suite, we have the experience to help.

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Video Editing

Our video editing expertise can shape your raw footage into a polished final product that captivates your audience and conveys your message effectively. The skills we offer are well suited to food and retail social media promotion, travel, and corporate leader video messaging.

Cooper is our video editor. See more at

Communications and Content Project Work

We’re skilled at overseeing and executing comprehensive communications and content projects, managing every step of the process from conception to delivery.

Audience Engagement and Strategy

We’ll help you develop a comprehensive audience engagement strategy that attracts, retains, and actively involves your audience, driving growth and boosting brand loyalty.

Business Communications Consulting and Planning

Our team offers expert consultation services for business communications, working alongside you to develop and implement strategic communication plans tailored to your organisation’s goals.

Sarah is a senior level corporate communications manager, having held leadership roles in Australia and the UK. You can view more about her experience and connect here on LinkedIn.

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Online Community Management

We specialise in fostering positive, active online communities that truly engage with your brand. We can manage your social platforms, forums, and other interactive spaces, promoting a supportive, inclusive digital environment.

Currently we manage a popular Facebook Group of over 16,000 and growing. Join us here

Brand Partnerships and Collaboration

We are experienced in forming and nurturing brand partnerships that create synergies and mutual benefits. Within the travel space we have collaborated with accommodation providers, destinations and tour operators, to produce media, blog content and video features.

Brand collaborations include:

  • Point A Hotels, UK
  • Traders Hotels Australasia
  • Globe Trekker TV
  • IAmsterdam
  • Bordeaux Tourism
  • Visit Cologne, Germany
  • To Tuscany, Italy
  • Tourism Tropical North Queensland
  • Gold Coast Tourism
  • James Cook University Australia
  • Study Cairns, Australia
  • The Brussels Journey, Belgium

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Coaching and Mentoring

House Sitting Coaching or Mentoring

With a wealth of personal experience in house sitting across the globe, as well as an in-depth understanding of the house sitting community, we offer coaching and mentoring services for both house sitters and homeowners to ensure a smooth and mutually beneficial arrangement.

Job Interview Coaching

Whether you’re a corporate professional, a remote worker, or a digital nomad, our team can provide personalised job interview coaching to help you present your skills and experience confidently and convincingly.

School Teacher Mentoring

We provide dedicated mentoring for professionals aiming to live and work as teachers abroad. Drawing on extensive international experience, Cooper can guide you through the challenges and rewards of this exciting career path.

Career Mentoring and Coaching

Aspiring communications and content professionals can benefit from Sarah’s career mentoring and coaching services. She will share insights and advice to help you navigate your career path and achieve your professional aspirations.

Career and Travel Confidence Coaching

With our unique blend of career and travel expertise of over 13 years, we offer confidence coaching that empowers you to pursue your professional dreams while embracing the adventure of travel.

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Here at, we believe in the power of collaboration. If you’re ready to take your project, business, or career to the next level, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and let’s start the journey together.


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