Travel FAQ 2024 – nomad and house sitting questions you want answers to!

Travel FAQ 2024 – nomad and house sitting questions you want answers to!

We surveyed our 20,000 strong community and here are the top 6 nomad and house sitting questions you want answers to now!

Welcome back to Travel Live Learn and happy new-podcast-day! Yay! After a bit of a hiatus while we settled in after our big move from Australia to the UK – puppy in tow – we’re excited to share a brand new episode of Freedom and Four Paws.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve surveyed our popular nomad and house sitting Facebook Group, and have garnered insight into 6 BIG questions on everyone’s minds. Given this insight, we have pulled together the questions and answers into a handy 30-minute ep!

Travel FAQ 2023-24 – 6 nomad and house sitting questions

In this episode hear responses to top-of-mind questions on:

  1. How and where to find house sits
  2. The way to keep your cool in the face of tricky travel and booking logistics
  3. Is AI useful for us as nomads and house sitters?
  4. Logistics for getting set up as a digital nomad or global remote worker
  5. How to find your tribe and stay motivated (some additional advice here on that if you need it)
  6. Who should get paid as a house sitter?

We recently published some similar content that received a lot of views and questions. The post was called 3 Big Questions House Sitters Are Asking. This podcast complements that information.

Show notes and resources

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In addition, our YouTube channel is absolutely brimming with invaluable house sitting and digital nomad tips and tricks. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of these, you can subscribe here.

Furthermore, we also offer the House Sitting 101 Essentials Pack. This can significantly enhance your understanding and experience with house sitting. To get yours, just click here.

Last but not least, we’ve created an eBook entitled “7 Essential Strategies for Maximising Your Use of ChatGPT”. If you want to optimise your interactions with ChatGPT, you can get your copy here.

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9 Types of Content to Post on Threads (Meta’s New Social Network) in 2024

9 Types of Content to Post on Threads (Meta’s New Social Network) in 2024

Been tempted away from Instagram for a moment to check out Meta’s latest sensation? If you’re keen to dive into the newest of new apps in 2024, here’s an updated guide on 9 types of content to post on Threads!

Another social media app?

Absolutely, and it’s causing quite a stir. It’s been a while since I posted here about digital and social media. A nostalgic look back shows a quite positive perspective on these platforms from back in 2017. Fast forward to today, and my experience in the content game has led me to something intriguing about Threads.

Like many of you, my phone has been buzzing non-stop with notifications about my new Threads account. This isn’t about my social media clout; rather, it’s a testament to Meta’s clever strategy. At the launch of Threads, Meta offered a slick option to “follow all the people you follow on Instagram” – and I, admittedly in a bit of a daze, clicked “Yes”.

Jumping from 1 to 100 followers overnight without lifting a finger was oddly satisfying. But, as a Twitter aficionado, I can’t help but feel that Meta’s move here is a bit of a shortcut.


Threads’ Fact-Checking Program and its impact on types of content to post on Threads

In 2024, amid the buzz of upcoming significant elections in the U.S. and India, Meta is stepping up its game on Threads with a new fact-checking program. This move is designed to empower fact-checking partners to independently review and rate misinformation on Threads​​. It’s a significant step, considering the current social media landscape, rife with misinformation.


User Control & Engagement Features

Threads is rolling out a feature allowing users to adjust the demotion level for fact-checked posts, aligning it with Instagram settings​​. And while Meta and Threads have traditionally downplayed the amplification of news content, the platform is introducing tags and trending topics to foster a more interactive user experience​​.


Will Meta’s Threads last?

The question on everyone’s lips: even if I figure out what great content to post on Threads, will Threads be a fleeting trend or a mainstay? Initially, Threads captured immense attention, hitting the 100 million user mark in record time. However, the platform saw an 80% drop in active users shortly after​​. This rollercoaster of user engagement makes it an intriguing case for content creators and marketers alike.

Now, let’s dive into the main agenda: what type of content should you be posting on Threads in 2024 to make a real impact?


Reflecting on types of content to post on Threads

What Type of Content Should I Post on Threads in 2024?

The evolving landscape of Threads in 2024 demands a strategic approach to content. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just someone who loves to engage on social media, understanding how to leverage Threads can be crucial.

Here are 9 types of content to post on Threads now:


1. Question Posts

Engaging your audience has always been key, and it remains so on Threads. Post a question that sparks thought, debate, or allows followers to share their perspectives. Keep your questions simple and straightforward – complex inquiries might disengage your audience. The goal in deciding on types of content to post on Threads is to foster a community. You can do this one question at a time.

2. Animated GIFs and Videos

In the digital era, visual content reigns supreme. On day one of Threads, animated GIFs took center stage. Use GIFs to catch the eye and evoke humor or emotion. Videos, up to 5 minutes in length, are also a great way to engage users on Threads. Remember, in 2024, the average time spent on Threads is just 3 minutes per day​​, so make those minutes count with captivating visual content.

3. Inspirational Quotes

For those pondering “What should I post on Threads?”, sharing inspirational, humorous, or thought-provoking quotes can be a hit. Such quotes resonate with a wide audience and can be shared in visually appealing formats. Use platforms like Canva to create eye-catching quote graphics. These quick, engaging posts can resonate well with your audience.

4. Lists and Tips

Bite-sized, easy-to-digest content never goes out of style. Share lists or tips relevant to your industry, brand, or general life hacks. With Threads users spending less time on the app​​, concise and useful content can be particularly effective.

5. Personal Experiences and Stories

Adding a personal touch to your posts can make your content more relatable and authentic. Narratives about personal experiences or stories can help you stand out. As AI continues to shape our digital world, a human touch in your content could be just what’s needed to connect with your audience.

6. Updates and Announcements

Stay relevant by keeping your followers informed with updates and announcements. This could range from personal milestones to brand developments, product launches, or even industry news. Considering the brief attention span on Threads, regular updates can create a sense of anticipation and encourage users to return for more. Consistency is vital – if you’re committing to Threads, regular posts could pave the way to greater engagement.

7. Relevant News and Trends

Even if you’re not an expert in every field, sharing your insights on the latest news or trends can spark valuable conversations. This is especially pertinent given Threads’ new focus on combatting misinformation and providing tools for user control​​. Share your take on trending topics to initiate dialogue and enhance your visibility. However, remember that Threads is not primarily a news amplification platform, so balance your content accordingly.

8. Challenge or Contest Posts

Everyone loves a good challenge or contest. Engage your audience with creative contests or thought-provoking challenges. This approach not only fosters community interaction but could also attract new followers. Given the infancy of Threads, such interactive content could be a smart strategy to establish your presence on the platform.

9. Pet Pics and Cool Photos

When in doubt, turn to universal favourites – pets and eye-catching photos. My first post on Threads was of my dog (I’m @sarahblinco, by the way), and it’s clear that cute and captivating images have a special place on this platform. Whether it’s a charming pet photo, a stunning travel snapshot, or an irresistible food picture, these posts can be an instant hit.


What to do now?

If you haven’t already, download Threads from your app store and give it a go. The sign-up process is straightforward, especially if you have an Instagram account. While Threads may not have the extensive user base of its competitors yet, early adoption can offer unique opportunities for visibility and engagement.

Threads has carved out its niche in the realm of text-based social media platforms, providing a distinct space for diverse types of ‘micro blog’ posts. By experimenting with the post types listed above, you can create engaging content, enhance your online visibility, and foster a stronger connection with your audience.

Now is a fantastic time to explore Threads. If you’re looking to get noticed by brands or celebrities, the relatively low follower counts on Threads could work in your favor. Stand out with your content and seize the opportunity.

Embracing the Future of Social Media Interaction on Threads

As we navigate through 2024, it’s evident that Threads is more than just another social media platform – it’s a burgeoning ground for innovative content strategies. With its unique features and evolving user base, Threads offers a fresh landscape for digital expression and connection.

Remember, despite the fluctuating trends and user engagement on Threads, the core principles of compelling content remain constant. Authenticity, creativity, and audience engagement are the cornerstones of successful digital storytelling, irrespective of the platform.


Keen to Know Your Thoughts

I’m eager to hear about your experiences and experiments on Threads. Have you found a particular type of content to post on Threads that resonates with your audience? Are there any emerging trends on Threads that have caught your eye? Your insights and feedback are not just valuable to me, but to our entire digital community.

Drop a comment below, or better yet, tag me on Threads (@sarahblinco) with your thoughts and experiences. Let’s explore the possibilities of Threads together, sharing our journeys and learning from each other as we delve into this new digital frontier.

As we continue to explore and understand the intricacies of Threads, stay tuned for more insights, tips, and discussions on how to make the most of this platform. Whether you’re a seasoned social media aficionado or just starting out, there’s always something new to learn and explore in the ever-evolving world of digital media.


Keen to know your thoughts. Drop me a line in the comments, or tag me on Threads ;)

3 BIG questions house sitters are asking [updated 2024!]

3 BIG questions house sitters are asking [updated 2024!]

House and pet sitting is an exciting avenue to explore for digital nomads, seasoned travellers, or those seeking novel ways to experience new places, people, and pets. This unique form of travel and accommodation, however, often leads to numerous queries.

We are in touch with a thriving house and pet sitting community here on Facebook and on our mailing list. Within this community, three key concerns have consistently emerged this year! To assist those seeking answers to the questions house sitters are asking most often, we’re providing some valuable insights and tips.

But first, if you’re an aspiring house and pet sitter, we’ve got two actions for you to take right now!

a) watch the video below for some great advice on how to get started.
b) sign up to our House Sitting 101 4-part email series. It’s FREE! Get it here!


The top 3 questions that come in all the time from house and pet sitters are…


What’s the best way to manage scheduling and timing?

One of the prevalent questions house sitters are asking concerns the management of timing and schedules for house sits. The logistics of planning sits, coordinating travel, and dealing with last-minute changes can be challenging, particularly for those who prefer a detailed plan.

Our solution is embracing flexibility.

Despite meticulous planning or early bookings, unexpected events will inevitably occur. It’s crucial to budget for contingencies such as additional accommodation expenses between sits. Furthermore, we’ve found that refraining from scheduling back-to-back house sits can provide a much-needed respite, ensuring we arrive at the next house sit relaxed and punctual, a characteristic homeowners highly value.



How do I find long-term house sits?

The search for long-term house sitting assignments is another question frequently asked by house sitters. These longer sits are especially desirable for those aiming to deeply immerse themselves in a new culture or for digital nomads seeking balance and a consistent base.

Many of our podcast guests talk about this way of travel and house sitting. Take a look at episodes here.

Securing such opportunities often requires a mixture of strategy and luck, similar to a job hunt. Building solid relationships with homeowners can lead to return invitations for extended stays. Staying active on house sitting platforms like TrustedHousesitters and being prepared with a ready-to-go application letter for potential opportunities can also prove beneficial. We would love to hear your experiences and tips on this topic!


Should I get paid as a house sitter?

One of the most debated questions house sitters are asking is whether to ask for payment for house sitting. Some sitters are happy to exchange their pet and home care services for accommodation and the enriching experiences it offers. Others, recognising the growing global demand, are turning house sitting into a paid enterprise.

We advocate for a balanced approach, acknowledging the validity of both methods, each catering to different types of homeowners and sitters. For those inclined towards paid house sitting, platforms like Rover can be a great starting point. Alternatively, establishing a local business and setting your rates based on the value you offer is also a viable option.

However, it’s essential to discuss payment expectations upfront to ensure fairness for all parties involved. If house sitting is your business, treat it as such: value your time, set your rates, and find the right clients who respect your terms.

While house and pet sitting can offer enriching and unique experiences, it comes with its own set of questions and challenges. Each sitter’s approach and preferences can vary, and finding what works best for you is key.

Whether you’re an experienced house sitter or new to this world, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Join our ongoing conversations on social media and our Facebook Group, a community of learners and sharers.

For those new to house sitting or seeking further guidance, make sure you sign up for our FREE House Sitting 101 email series or grab our must-have quick-start guide to house and pet sitting available for just $5. Happy house sitting!

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5 great reasons to work from Kalamata in Greece as a digital nomad

5 great reasons to work from Kalamata in Greece as a digital nomad

If you have been considering a new setting for your remote office, here’s why you should look no further than to work from Kalamata in Greece as a digital nomad! With its vibrant atmosphere, excellent amenities, and commitment to sustainability, Kalamata is ideal for digital nomads. After visiting recently and having a new-found interest in remote working ourselves, Cooper and I started imagining what it would be to like to live and work here. Following are are five of our insights as to why you should consider working from Kalamata as a digital nomad.


Kalamata, Greece

This wonderful spot is the economic, commercial and cultural centre of South Peloponnese in Greece. It is the capital city of the Messinia region and serves 100,000 people every day. Kalamata is a modern all-year round bustling destination with a rich history and a multitude of attractions. Nestled at the apex of the Messinian Bay, it is known for its stunning coastline, lush mountains, and delicious local produce.

Why work from Kalamata in Greece as a digital nomad?

Kalamata is renowned for its Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This creates a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. You can enjoy hiking, swimming, or simply relaxing on the beautiful beaches. Kalamata’s beach, a long stretch of sand and pebbles, is one of the city’s main attractions. It is frequently awarded the Blue Flag for its cleanliness and the quality of its facilities.

The cityscape is a fascinating blend of old and new, where contemporary architecture coexists with historic buildings. The Old Town of Kalamata, situated at the foot of the Kalathi Mountain, is a must-visit area. Its narrow alleys, traditional houses, Byzantine churches, and the imposing Kalamata Castle, offer a trip back in time. The modern city, on the other hand, is vibrant and lively, brimming with shops, cafes, and eateries.

Culture and history

Kalamata is also a city of culture, hosting a variety of events throughout the year. It is home to the International Dance Festival, which is held every summer and attracts performers from all over the world. The city also houses a range of museums. These include the excellent Archaeological Museum of Messinia and the Folklore and History Museum.

Find out more about all that’s on offer in Kalamata. Visit the Municipality of Kalamata’s website here. Start by browsing the ‘visitors’ section.

Kalamata’s famous foodie delights!

Kalamata is known worldwide for its olives and olive oil. This produce is considered some of the best in the world. We would agree – especially after having the chance to attend the city’s annual Food Stories event (pictured below)!

The local cuisine is a gastronomic delight. Traditional tavernas serve a multitude of dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Food lovers will particularly enjoy the local markets on every Wednesday to Saturday. Score deals on the famed Kalamata olives, local honey, figs, and the region’s renowned wines.

Kalamata is a city that charms its visitors with its diverse offerings. These include beautiful natural scenery and vibrant lifestyle, rich history and cultural heritage. And let’s not forget its delectable local cuisine. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, a foodie, or a culture enthusiast, Kalamata has something for everyone.


5 great reasons to work remotely from Kalamata in Greece

Which brings me back to why you might want to work from Kalamata in Greece as a digital nomad! Obviously before planning to move here to live and work, you need to check your eligibility. If you’re not being sponsored to move, you may be eligible for a digital nomad visa in Greece. Here’s more info on that.

Our five picks for why this is a secret gem on the digital nomad map:

Awesome lifestyle opportunities in Kalamata for digital nomads

Kalamata offers an amazing quality of life – great weather and a lively atmosphere year-round. The cost of living is reasonable, making it easy for digital nomads to enjoy the many attractions and activities here. Whether you prefer spending your days lounging on the beach, hiking in the nearby Taygetos Mountains, or exploring the bustling city centre, Kalamata has something for everyone.


Terrific remote working amenities

Kalamata is well-equipped for digital nomads, offering top-notch remote working facilities, such as the fantastic co-working space Phaos ΚΟΙΝΣΕΠ (House by Phaos). The city is continuously investing in its internet and infrastructure, ensuring that you’ll always be connected and able to work efficiently. With reliable Wi-Fi and plenty of cafes and public spaces to work from, you’ll find it easy to stay productive in Kalamata.

The Work From Kalamata website is quite new too. Browse it here for more information about working remotely in this region.


Sustainable focus

This wonderful place is committed to environmental sustainability. Its people and leaders are passionate about taking care of their own backyard. The municipality is actively involved in European initiatives to make a real impact on the environment. Kalamata is one of the European Commission’s 100 ‘smart cities’ across the EU that have committed commit to a goal of climate-neutrality by 2030.

By choosing Kalamata as your remote work location, you’ll be supporting a community that is taking active steps towards a greener future.

Getting around in Kalamata, Greece

Navigating Kalamata is a breeze, as the city is compact and easily walkable or cyclable. If you prefer public transportation, the city’s bus system is efficient and regular, making it simple to get around. Need to travel further? There’s a quick bus to Athens (pictured below) that runs along a new highway, getting you to the capital in under three hours. And with an international airport located in Kalamata, exploring the rest of Greece or Europe is just a flight away.


History and culture – what can a digital nomad immerse in while living in Kalamata?

Kalamata is rich in history and culture, offering an abundance of attractions for you to explore during your downtime. Discover thousands of years of history as you visit ancient ruins, historic castles, and archaeological sites. The local food and wine scene is also incredible, with an emphasis on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Immerse yourself in Greek culture and cuisine while you work remotely in this stunning city.


Kalamata offers an unparalleled experience for digital nomads, combining a fantastic lifestyle, excellent remote working amenities, and a commitment to sustainability. With easy access to both the city’s attractions and the rest of Greece, Kalamata is the perfect destination for those seeking a unique and fulfilling remote work experience.

Got questions or comments? Let us know in the space below or get in touch on social media :)


The best of digital nomad Split – 48 hours, rain or shine! [2024 Guide]

The best of digital nomad Split – 48 hours, rain or shine! [2024 Guide]

Split in Croatia – if you’ve not been, you should know it’s a favourite stop for travellers and digital nomads alike. Imagine a city bathed in the warm, golden glow of the Mediterranean sun, gently lapped by the crystal clear Adriatic sea, and brimming with ancient history. The city is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, and a haven for remote workers. But, as luck would have it, during our week-long visit, we were greeted not by the usual sunny splendour of Split, but by persistent rain and storms.

What to do as a digital nomad in Split… in the rain?

Even the stormy weather couldn’t dampen our spirits. Instead, it offered us a unique perspective on this Croatian gem. We discovered that Split has a magnetic charm that can be felt whether it’s bathed in sunlight or soaked in raindrops. This post is a guide to spending 48 hours in Split as a digital nomad, whatever the weather.


Morning – get a taste of the best coffee in town

Kickstart your day at D16, widely known as the best coffee spot in town. Numerous digital nomads have blogged about this spot and recommended it. While it is small, you could definitely pull up a seat for an hour or two and get some work done.

As we were walking in, two American travellers happily announced to us how good the coffee was. A good sign!

The friendly and laid-back atmosphere makes it a perfect place to get some work done early in the day.


Late morning – settle into a co-working space

Once you’ve had your caffeine fix, head over to Smartspace. We like this place because of its central location. If you are a digital nomad on a deadline, for €20 you can drop in for half a day and work. In exchange for paying for space, you’ll enjoy a stimulating environment surrounded by others working remotely. The good wifi, comfortable working stations, and a community of like-minded individuals create an environment conducive to productivity.

The other great thing about a co-working space like this is the people you meet. Sometimes working remotely can feel a bit isolating, and finding your tribe really helps. You can read more about that here.


Afternoon – lunch and work on the spectacular waterfront

Once the clock strikes twelve, make your way to the waterfront and settle into a quiet spot at Basta Bar. Not only is it a fantastic restaurant, but it also welcomes remote workers looking for a scenic spot to work. Just keep in mind that they don’t start serving food until midday, so plan your schedule accordingly.

You can come here in the morning and find a quiet spot to work, and drinks are still served. This spot was recommended in this blog about some of the best cafes and restaurants in Split to work as a digital nomad.


Evening – retiring at lux local accommodation

After a productive day, head back to New Lux Villa Merissima. We found a great deal on this gorgeous property on It’s a comfortable place and more than just a hotel – its common area downstairs is a great place to work if you’re stuck finding space in busy cafes and restaurants in Split. Plus, after a long day, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of a lovely temporary home.


Exploring Split

Of course, your stay in Split shouldn’t be all work and no play. Make the most of the dry spells by joining a walking tour. We found several great options on Airbnb Experiences, run by passionate locals who can show you the hidden gems of this historical city.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, don’t fret. There are numerous food and wine experiences available on Airbnb too. Or you can try sites like Get Your Guide or Viator for a huge variety of local adventures.

Food experiences in particular can be a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local culture and learn more about the region’s unique offerings – all while staying dry!

Bonus tips – where to eat

For quick and healthy meals, try Good Food along the Split Waterfront. The ‘Magnificent Seven’ good bowl is as delicious as it is affordable. For breakfast or brunch, you can’t miss Feel Green – I highly recommend the Buckwheat Bowl. Lastly, for a lovely dining experience with good prices, head to Kavana Bar & Cuisine. Cooper and I had excellent experiences at all three of these places.


Split offers a rich experience for digital nomads and remote workers, even when the weather is less than ideal. If you’re after more inspiration for wet weather activities here, this post offers further ideas. And if you’re looking for info on how Croatia attracts and supports remote workers, take a look here at what the Croatian National Tourist Board has to say.

The city effortlessly combines work and leisure, providing a wide range of options for every preference and budget. We can’t wait to return (to hopefully share some sunny weather excursions with you).



An honest conversation about remote work and community

An honest conversation about remote work and community

Often when we think about remote work and community it’s easy to imagine some sort of YouTube or TikTok dream. You know, the one where everyone lands in Bali, operates from a cool coworking (or co-living) space, and enjoy coffee and nights out together? They swap contacts and support each other, often collaborating and finding freedom and fame by the beach.

I’m sure it is like that for some people.

But for many, finding community while we work remotely isn’t that simple.

Cooper and I recently relocated back to the UK on an Ancestry Visa. We love living in England. There’s so much opportunity here professionally speaking. Socially too, in the right situation. I also love most things about working remotely. We have the tech and the know-how to get things done easily. Many employers ‘get it’ too, so there’s no clock watching across time zones – trust exists. And, there are some wellbeing benefits associated with not having to be ‘on’ all day in an office.

Why then, last weekend over lunch, did it dawn on us that we feel a bit “meh”?


What’s going on with remote work then?

A CBS report we spotted on YouTube, shared that now over 17 million Americans call themselves digital nomads. That is, they are Americans living and working in other parts of the world.

In a stat that surprised me, CBS reported that two thirds of these so-called digital nomads were not freelancing or setting up their own businesses. Not at all. They are in fact working remotely for an American-based company.

CBS reports that 17 million Americans call themselves digital nomads in 2023

And this is just Americans we’re talking about here. What about remote workers from all other corners of the globe?

There are now dozens of countries in Europe alone that offer what’s called a Digital Nomad visa, and we’ve seen plenty more options to apply for the same sort of thing around the world. In fact, Colombia is one of the latest off the rank to offer a digital nomad visa, and it’s quickly gaining traction as one of the most popular! (count us in…one day!).

A digital nomad visa enables the holder to legitimately work remotely from a different country, complying with tax rules and enjoying temporary resident status.

‘Remote working’ and ‘digital nomads’ are not new concepts, but they are now far more common than pre-COVID. Cooper and I have been interested in this space since 2019 and I am blown away by the changes we’ve witnessed since going through a global pandemic. Obviously, there are significant workforce challenges being faced by employers due to this change, but this post isn’t about that (although with my ‘Internal Comms Manager’ hat on, I could write a few posts about it…).

I’m in a position to work remotely and experience the benefits and drawbacks of it for the first time, which is how we’ve ended up writing this piece.



Remote work and community

Back to community. I wonder if there’s a tendency to undervalue it when it’s there? From neighbours to friends and colleagues – the incidental banter, conversation and learning that goes on is important for our own development.

With millions of people around the world now working remotely, not all of them can possibly be living that happy collaborative Bali dream.

you might like to read 7 Digital Nomad Tips for Balance and Routine


As a remote worker, you may find yourself in a country where your first language isn’t as widely spoken – this can potentially make it harder to find your tribe. Similarly, if you’re in a regional area rather than a capital or big city, there may be fewer networking opportunities.

It’s easy to find yourself feeling isolated.

What to do then?

you might enjoy How to Make the Most of a Pet Sitting and Digital Nomad Community


Finding your remote work tribe

Cooper and I have been exploring what works for us and wanted to share our experience in case it helps anyone else in a similar situation.

1. Local area – sports and recreation

The first big tip from us is to find a local sports or active meetup. Often the mere act of getting involved trumps the ability to communicate in your first language. Cooper, being more sporty than me, has always made heaps of friends by proactively asking around for how to get involved in anything from footy to running clubs.

It takes a bit of guts to get yourself out there, but this path usually reaps rewards and long-term friends.

Volunteering is a great alternative if, like me, you’re not as sporty as Cooper but happy to have a chat and turn your hand to anything. There are some great opportunities happening in the UK in this space as part of the King’s coronation!

As dog owners, we also always find ‘dog people’ friends at local parks. And you should keep an eye out for interest-based meetups like Yoga or meditation workshops, creative or activity based events.

2. Find an industry conference or a remote work/digital nomad event

If you know a little about us, you have heard us rave about TBEX before. While attending something like this does mean you need to travel, there’s a high chance you’ll connect with like-minded people and form forever-friendships with people who ‘get’ what you’re doing.

There are now plenty of digital nomad and remote working conferences too, e.g. Running Remote just ran a fantastic conference in Lisbon. Again, these attract people from all different industries and parts of the world. But, everyone has the remote work aspect in common. Connections made at events like this are often life-long and continue authentically online despite distance.

3. Check what’s on offer from your company

If your workplace presents remote work as an option, chances are it’s a big enough company to be offering great opportunities for connection too. Get online and have a look over your company’s intranet or Slack/Yammer channels to discover what social groups are available for team members who share common interests and purpose.

Some of these groups offer a unique chance to not just connect, but to make a meaningful difference to company culture, ‘belonging’ and mentoring schemes. If you’re unsure where to start, get in touch with your workplace’s internal communications or HR team who I’m sure will help you out.

Showing up consistently to add your support and get involved helps to add structure and purpose in your day. And, you’re making a difference from wherever you may be.

I’ve found it’s also really important to participate in meetings and video calls where you can, even if you need to juggle time-zones. Having the chance to collaborate and brainstorm with my team mates from abroad first thing in the morning usually adds a spring to my step and sets the tone for my day.

4. Finding community online

This one isn’t so much about just adding yourself to just any Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn or Slack community. It is about finding which community resonates with you, where you hang out.

Where are you most likely to be so you can authentically interact with an online group and find real connection?

This piece by We Work Remotely offers a few handy tips on how to optimise your favourite channel (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack) to make meaningful connections while you work remotely.

5. Create your own community!

Can’t find a local meetup or online community that’s right for you, or want more? You may not be alone…

Take to Facebook or Meetup and set up an event at a nearby coffee shop, pub, museum or park. You could theme it (e.g. ‘creative meetup’ or ‘expat meetup’) and see what interest you can raise. Sometimes these things take a little time too, so give it a consistent go for a few months to see who you can attract to your online or IRL meetup.

Acting as the connector yourself means you’re making a huge difference to other people. It also potentially helps to add to your professional and personal brand or reputation which can lead to new friends, business leads and opportunities of all kinds.

Here’s our story about how we accidently created our own community, and how we make the most of it now :)


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