Top five beauty tips for travelling

Heading off on your next holiday? While we’d all love to look like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday (or pretty much any holidaying movie star ever), we don’t want to take up valuable suitcase space lugging around every beauty product imaginable.
Not sure what to take with you on your next trip? Here are five great… Continue reading Top five beauty tips for travelling

The 5 rules of email first impressions − how to get it right!

Students, job seekers and anyone pitching anything, listen up.
My brother, Josh, and I were discussing emails yesterday. I know, our lives are super exciting, right? Seriously though, we were talking about how easy it is to mess up a first impression in the written form, specifically via email. Anyone who knows Josh and I will… Continue reading The 5 rules of email first impressions − how to get it right!

Visualization for newbies

What Is Visualization?
Visualization simply stated, is using the power of our mind to paint pictures of our goals as complete. Visualizing our goals as accomplished gives our subconscious mind a picture of what we want and expect. Then it works towards making that goal a reality. When we visualize we are actually training our brain… Continue reading Visualization for newbies

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