How to write a Lonely Planet guide

This evening I was lucky enough to attend a seminar, How to write a Lonely Planet guide, hosted by Intrepid Travel and featuring acclaimed author, journalist and presenter, Frances Linzee Gordon. What she said: [true sentiments on ‘travel’] “Travel is addictive because of the adventure, self discovery, serendipity, fun, opportunities and stimulation that every day brings. Travel is like making [...]

When travel comes to an end – what to do when the adventure is ‘over’

  Musings from 1 December 2011: Sitting in a darkened coach (which once upon a time I would have called a ‘bus’ – inside joke, ask Steve our Welsh Expat Explore driver ;-), on my way back from beautiful Whistler Village in British Columbia. As I stare back at my own reflection in the window, unable to [...]