Kindness in the workplace: small gestures = great impact

  How YOU can generate kindness in the workplace (and brighten someone’s day in five minutes or less!) One of my ‘Friday jobs’ (as part of life working in internal communications) is to wander around our beautiful big central London building to visit all the different departments, update their staff notices, promote whatever’s going on (official business), and share [...]

Days out in Kent – Broadstairs and Botany Bay

Determined to dip our toes in the ocean just once before ‘summer’ in the UK is over, we followed advice from friends about serene days out in Kent. We boarded a train from London headed to Broadstairs and Botany Bay, ready to explore the gorgeous Kent English seaside. Discover our itinerary and have a look around for yourselves… Days [...]

Top 11 places to visit in Tokyo

~ Tokyo is fascinating, cool and colourful. It’s the most populous city of Japan and is officially called Tokyo Metropolis; founded in 1943 by merging Tokyo Prefecture and the city of Tokyo. Generally Tokyo is mentioned as a city but it is administered as a ‘metropolitan prefecture’ – that is, both city and prefecture. The city administers 23 [...]