How to write a Lonely Planet guide

This evening I was lucky enough to attend a seminar, How to write a Lonely Planet guide, hosted by Intrepid Travel and featuring acclaimed author, journalist and presenter, Frances Linzee Gordon.
What she said:
[true sentiments on ‘travel’]
“Travel is addictive because of the adventure, self discovery, serendipity, fun, opportunities and stimulation that every day brings.
Travel is like making… Continue reading How to write a Lonely Planet guide

Alight Here (series): Waterloo & WiFi

Monday morning and I am in need of inspiration (and motivation) so decided yet again to embark on a quest to find the ‘perfect’ external workplace. The bonus of freelance life means that I can set up anywhere I choose. In London, the prerequisites include:
1. Coffee
2. Free internet (WiFi), and preferably a power outlet to… Continue reading Alight Here (series): Waterloo & WiFi

Alight Here (series): West Croydon / East Croydon

About Croydon
There’s been a little heatwave in London over the past few days, and evidently those who have suffered most have been commuters on the trains (especially those on the Tube – it’s sweltering down there, I can vouch for that much)! Many reading this new ‘Alight Here’ blog series might even scoff at my… Continue reading Alight Here (series): West Croydon / East Croydon

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