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Fashion at its finest

Fashion at its finest


The Profile Magazine chicks were lucky enough to attend Runway Twenty.Twelve on Saturday night. A super fab fashion show presented by Cachelle Model Management in Cairns at Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Champers, cocktails, music, food and fashion … what more could a girl ask for?


Maybe to meet a celeb or two? We did bump in to uber cool top designer, Wayne Cooper, who I discovered is from the same part of East London as we loved. He even hung out at Broadway Market like we used to!

But who really wants to read about a fashion show when you can watch one? A sneaky peek sample here x


Long lunching in Port Douglas

Long lunching in Port Douglas

Port Douglas in Far North Queensland – it’s a truly charming little beachside town brimming with boutique stores, delicious dining options and of course, beautiful beaches. Each year the Port Douglas Carnivale attracts thousands of visitors – celebrities, socialites, locals and travellers alike – from all over Australia thanks to a line-up of enticing, well produced events suitable for everyone in the family. We headed up from Cairns to attend the Long Lunch, which was admittedly, fairly fabulous, featuring fine food, fashion and a little (or lot, as the case may be) champagne. The drive to Port Douglas is breathtaking in any type of weather – ocean views to one side, and rainforest to the other. Similarly, the Long Lunch was held at one of the town’s most spectacular venues, Sheraton Mirage Country Club. If you’ve missed it this year we’d highly recommend attending next year. It’s not too late to enjoy Carnivale festivities though – check out the event planner online – Carnivale’s on for another couple of weeks and even includes a masquerade ball! If you’re looking for somewhere pleasant, convenient and well-priced to stay, try the Best Western Lazy Lizard – the staff were lovely – two enthusiastic thumbs up for this property. Port Douglas, we’ll be back again soon!

Celebrate Annual Record Store Day

Celebrate Annual Record Store Day

Did you know April 21 marks the fourth annual Record Store Day, an event designed to highlight and preserve the feeling we used to get from buying music somewhere, rather than in cyberspace? Remember the time (as MJ said) when we used to eagerly wait for singles and albums to be released? When artists would appear in-store to perform while their new offering was being stacked on the shelves?!

I remember when I bought my first ‘cassingle’ – yes kids, that was a ‘music single’ on a tape (a what?). It was Dannii Minogue’s Love and Kisses, bought in a music store at Smithfield Shopping Centre in Cairns, if I recall correctly.

My first album was The Bangles, Different Light bought in 1986 – how I loved that one! My little heart broke when the tape unwound in my walkman, but my mum saved up her last dollars and replaced it when she could.



Then of course CDs became the greatest invention of my adolescent existence (until the Internet, of course), with my first purchase being Bryan Adams, Waking Up The Neighbours. Music was important to me as a teen – it meant everything. So much so I set my sights on a career in radio when I was younger. I knew all the artists, all their albums, each upcoming appearance and what was on the way. I was completely addicted to Savage Garden and remember catching a bus into Brisbane city early on the morning of their first album’s release and joining other fans in the purchase line at HMV Queen Street Mall. The excitement, the anticipation. It’s something you guys don’t have now in this society of instant gratification. I must admit, it’s fantastic (especially for the ‘impatient’, like me) to be able to hear a song and immediately ‘get it’… from somewhere. Although every now and then I do feel quite nostalgic for the old days of spending hours browsing music stores. A highlight of my 2000 visit to NYC as a 20-year-old was exploring the Virgin Megastore in Times Square which is sadly, no longer there. It is disappointing that these businesses have disappeared into cyberspace – only ten years ago the record stores we visited in America still stocked tapes (which my brother and I thought was cool, in a retro kinda way); and if you had just one hit single in America, like Savage Garden did, then you could actually make a million well-earned dollars because people who loved you paid for the disc (or tape, or record, as the case may be).



Times have changed but evidently there are those out there like me who remember the joy the music store provided… those of us who all secretly had a little dream to spend our time working with CDs, tapes, DVDs (ala Empire Records). Across April 21 in Australia a range of independent record stores will be taking part Record Store Day, offering cut-price CDs and vinyl, limited editions, rarities, staff dressed as pop stars of old and artist in-store appearances. The Aussie operation is run by the Australian Music Retailers Association – www.recordstoreday.com.au (Tweet @RSDAustralia), which aims  to grow the movement both annually and internationally; with that in mind you can also check out what’s happening in America on this special anniversary – www.recordstoreday.com.

Here’s to the ‘classic’ record, tape, CD and DVD. Mp3s we do love you, we just miss your predecessors every now and then. Who knows, hopefully our music stores will indeed be around for many more years to come, with new and improved opportunities that may emerge thanks to technology.

Do you have a fave memory of waiting for a new release or buying a certain album? Share in the comments below or tweet me, @sarahblinco.


Ooops, I spent all day on Pinterest!

Ooops, I spent all day on Pinterest!

…Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Britney song did, but still, I thought I should share this fabulous if not slightly addictive new site. For those of you out there sighing, ‘OMG that is so five minutes ago’, I know I’m not the very first to discover Pinterest.com but I’m certainly not the last either. This ‘Virtual Pinboard’ is actually quite extraordinary, especially for anyone out there who was like me as a kid – obsessed with creating scrapbooks, cutting favourite images out of my many magazines and filing them neatly into a very pretty scrapbook (or five – proudly filed under ‘Music’, ‘TV’, ‘Film’, ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Misc’)… or maybe it was just me?

Anyway, I decided I’d better finally take a look at the site after hearing and reading about the name extensively over the past couple of weeks. Pinterest is being dubbed ‘the next big thing’ in Social Media. I surely hope there aren’t too many more of these ‘next big things’ because I’m struggling to stay on top of it all. However, I’ll accept the challenge – as I did today. Pinterest is great for people who like imagery, allowing you to ‘organise and share beautiful images you find on the web’. All you do is download the easy Pinterest ‘Pin It’ button for your web browser once you’ve been invited to join via www.Pinterest.com, and every time you come across an image you like and want to share, the magic Pin It function will give you simple instructions on how to add the picture to a Pin Board on your Pinterest page. Share wedding dress options, visions for the future, places you want to visit, books that have inspired you… honestly it goes on and on, and today on this site I have too. It’s actually rather exciting then when people start ‘liking’ your images, ‘re-pinning’ them and commenting. All in the name of Social Media research… but remember too there are some very commercial reasons why you should consider having a play on this site (don’t forget to always cross-promote to a relevant website if you are using such mediums for sales or promotion)! Some days I do very much like my job ;-)


Sarah / My Pinterest Page x


BlackBerry Meltdown: The evolution of stress + technology


Do I have an unhealthy relationship with technology? My phone alarm went off at 6am this morning, followed by a ‘white screen of death’ – akin to the ‘blue screen of death’ that the PC has suffered from in the past (always at a time most inconvenient too). Following the ‘white screen of death’… nothing. My BlackBerry wouldn’t turn on. At all. 

Now, I tried to push the negative thoughts away that were starting to resemble a pattern along the lines of, ‘this isn’t a very good omen for 6 o’clock in the morning’, but gradually worry crept in. Then panic. I’m expecting new business calls today. Not to mention allllll the information – ie. my life – on there that’s not backed up. C$%P!! 

Coffee in one hand, mouse in the other, I desperately scrolled through forums online for help. I discovered (to some relief) that I am not the only person in history to experience this exact problem, and by all accounts it is a failed battery. Thank God, it actually was just the battery, and now I’m back online and personal meltdown has been averted – in regards to the phone, at least. 

Am I too reliant on technology? Yes. Am I alone? No. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it, just like most of our worldly relationships I guess. Sometimes I miss the ‘good old days’ (a mere 15 years ago) when there was less pressure to be mobile – efficient 24/7. That said, now that I’m used to living like this (healthy or not) – super-multi-tasking – I’ve made my peace with it… until it all crashes. I’d be happy to communicate the ‘old fashioned way’ via landline, if only I hadn’t left all my contact numbers in the device that no longer turned on. Time to stop procrastinating and figure out how to back this baby up. 

Have a great day all x