LoveFit 2017: music and fitness festival UK

  Congrats to the producers of this weekend’s LoveFit 2017 festival in the UK – the first of its kind – that combines dance music with health + fitness activities. It was fun to be invited along. While in this instance we did more spectating than participating in classes, we applaud the overall message from wellness experts [...]

East London spa experience [review]

  It’s summer in the city and a good opportunity to get out and discover more of our local neighbourhood. We were understandably excited to be invited to an east London spa experience, specifically, to the lovely Spa Experience Bethnal Green. Our booking fell during the middle of the week, and at exactly the right time – [...]

London drone experience (behind the scenes)

  Drone coach, Richard, hosted us on a London drone experience to find out more about how to operate this tech safely and to introduce us to the possibilities drones have on our work as bloggers and content creators. This all happened on the same day the government in the UK announced drone registration for all users, [...]