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How to conquer the fear of public speaking

How to conquer the fear of public speaking

Both Cooper and I have our own fears around public speaking, but because we’ve got messages we passionately want to share in the future, we know this is something we need to conquer.

The fact we wanted to conquer the fear of public speaking meant we had been keeping an eye out for opportunities to learn and practice, and so late last year when a new course near to us in London popped up on our radar, we decided to take the plunge (despite feeling just a tiny bit ill at the thought of this shift outside our comfort zone)!

How to conquer the fear of public speaking

Take 15 minutes to find out more about our experience and newly discovered tips on how to conquer the fear of public speaking and become a more polished presenter.

If you are in London and interested in the Bishopsgate Institute course we’ve mentioned, you can find details here (book now for the next course which is starting very soon!); otherwise, go to and search for their acting and/or presenting offerings. (PS we’re only referencing the course because we got a lot out of it and genuinely loved the experience!).

What are you waiting for?!

We’d love to read about your thoughts, questions or tips on how to conquer the fear of public speaking – please share in the comments space below.

Image credit: Sean Lamb, creative commons
Honouring the value of sweet serendipity

Honouring the value of sweet serendipity

What does serendipity mean to you? In my world, it’s about more than coincidence; it’s when things – people, places, scenarios – come back around, and become significant. It is about when you knew there was something there all along, but it’s not until years later that you’re proven right.

Life is full of great surprises, and these types are some of the nicest. Here’s a quick story about how my mate, Amy (the Hardy Traveller), and I, recently ‘got to know’ each other – years after we initially met.


What’s Amy say about it?

“I started my blog blindly in September 2014 (she is still a baby) with nothing but passion, enthusiasm and a hunger to learn. I’ve succeeded with very little media experience behind me. Through Facebook, I was in contact with an old ‘colleague’ also in the industry. She kindly fed me her wisdom, and through various discussions we realised we had a lot more in common than merely travelling and blogging. Sarah told me about TBEX Costa Brava, and I realise as I’m writing this that it seems weird to suddenly go away on a trip with an ex-colleague, whom I’d worked with briefly many years ago and we’d never socialised! But I jumped at the chance, and so pleased I did.

Happily ever after, we now have a good solid friendship! And that’s just the icing on the cake; TBEX has left me with friendships across the globe, a bucket load of new information and ideas, contacts and a ridiculous amount of opportunities to work with people I respect and admire. The seminars were top notch; those alone have given me so many open-doors for the future, but the real life-changer for me came from just hanging out with really interesting, inspiring, encouraging and like-minded people… like Sarah!

Without being totally dramatic, it’s changed my life – there is a lot to look forward to!” -Amy, The Hardy Traveller

All that big life stuff happened because we ended up in the same little office, south of London; just for a short while – me from Australia, Amy from… somewhere else in this big old town! Perhaps we didn’t end up working that job just because it was a way to make money. Imagine if we were meant to meet there, in order to inspire each other further down the line?! We think that’s entirely sweet serendipity, and we hope you agree.

Do you honour serendipitous occasions in your life? If you’ve got a story, do share – drop us a line in the comments below.