Bournemouth and the English seaside

We recently had the opportunity to visit the lovely seaside city of Bournemouth for the weekend.
Actually, we’d intended to visit here for a long time. We have super lovely and creative friends from the Gold Coast who lived and worked here for a few years and loved it (shout out to Lou and Iain from… Continue reading Bournemouth and the English seaside

Santorini Greece vacation

Get lost in paradise on a Santorini Greece vacation!
Keep an eye on here for more Santorini Greece vacation stories, on the way soon (plus plenty of other summer Euro inspiration).
Santorini Greece vacation
In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of what we saw…

Summer love in Santorini
A Santorini Greece vacation is something most people want to tick… Continue reading Santorini Greece vacation

Tuscany apartments and recommended best time to visit Tuscany

We’ve dropped into the little town, Radda, about fifteen minutes drive from our Tuscany apartments courtesy To Tuscany, it’s a perfect April day and I think this has to be the best time to visit Tuscany! It’s just so special.
I’m sitting in the corner of Radda’s old village square at a bar called Palazzo Leopoldo.
Cooper’s… Continue reading Tuscany apartments and recommended best time to visit Tuscany

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