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Technology and learning – future travel trends

Guest contributor Dan Whitehouse explores how technology is impacting on learning for travellers, and looks at what might happen in the future… Technology is having a significant impact on how travellers learn about the places we are visiting. In the past, we…

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Travel and terrorism

Earlier this week an awful event took place in central London which has had me fielding queries and concerns about travel and terrorism and indeed about how safe our lovely London actually is. You would have caught the news about…

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How to go from blogger to vlogger

Video blogging (or vlogging) has taken the online internet TV community by storm, and we think the industry shift from ‘blogger to vlogger’ is exciting. Anyone with a camera, an internet connection and something to say, can vlog, and we’ve made…

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Whitecross Street food market London

Whitecross Street food market in London is a longstanding secret with locals and gets very busy at lunchtime. This little gem has something for even the fussiest palate – including falafel, burgers, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Moroccan and my personal…

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