How to find the time to follow your heart

How to find the time to follow your heart

Cooper and I were chatting this morning about how to make time for personal endeavours; that is, how do you find the time to follow your heart? You see, I’m a little more adept at juggling a lot of things because I’ve been forced into being organised through running my own business, and doing absolutely everything as a sole trader. While I am working full time now in a gig I love, I haven’t lost the habit of always ‘doing something’ (although, I think that’s a personality type too – perhaps you relate!). Plus, I’ve got stories to share and messages to promote – hence TLL.

I know plenty of people who want to design a slightly different life for themselves, or pursue other passions entirely aside from their current work situation. But it’s really challenging, with family commitments, work, life and that irritating nemesis, tiredness!

The conversation got me thinking about what advice I’d give to Cooper, or anyone else struggling with an already packed program when it comes to work/life balance. I’ve learned a thing or two on my own, but also through observing others – including super busy mums – who have successfully created a life and/or business they love.

Have a listen…

Key take-aways

How to find the time to follow your heart:

  • Set time aside each morning – just 20 minutes is all you need. If that means you have to get up early (short-term pain for long-term gain), then do it. Start now.
  • I live by my mornings now, and strongly suggest you spend the first 5 to 10 minutes of yours in contemplation about the day to come, and how great it’s going to be.
  • Spend another 10 minutes or so in inspired action towards your ultimate goal. Write/blog/mind-map/watch a motivating YouTube clip. Start the day off on a positive note.
  • Keep a notebook (or equivalence) with you to jot down goals, ideas, dreams, plans, gratitude lists and things you want – do this throughout the day! Not only will this exercise attract better things into your world, it’ll cheer you up in the process.
  • Do one small thing towards your goal/dream/big idea every day. No action is too small.
  • Keep an eye out for opportunities to learn, in the form of webinars and free online activities that will only take up an hour or so of your time each week. Subscribe to your favourite service-providers or coaches’ email alerts.
  • Utilise YouTube – set up your very own motivation playlist, and save clips in there that you can access at any given time, day or night. Clips might include TED Talks, motivational monologues, 10 minute mindfulness meditations, videos by business or spiritual coaches… Whatever gets you going.
  • Reflect before sleep, on the day that’s been. Be proud of your actions and set an intention to keep moving forward tomorrow.


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Four steps to make positive change

Four steps to make positive change

Change is as inevitable as warm days in summer. Some choose to make the most of the day and head to the beach, or somewhere cool. Others just choose to complain about the heat, all the while making themselves ‘hot under the collar’. Some decide not to even let it bother them.

Whether or not you like change, sometimes it happens anyway. You can embrace it and transition or put your head in the sand and see what happens. Others seek change as they are sick of the status quo and want to let go of monotony.

Many of my clients share these predicaments. Some are looking for change in their career. Others have had a divorce thrust upon them and they’re not sure how to pick up the pieces. Some just have an emptiness inside and are not sure how to feel good anymore.

Here are some strategies I suggest to help make positive change.

  1. What’s your vision?

A wise man once said, “Without vision the people perish”. When was the last time you asked yourself, “What is it that I want out of my life?” If you don’t know what you want, how are you supposed to get it? Asking questions is a valuable tool in the process of self-discovery.

A new life is a changed mindset. Focus on success and you attract success. Focus on fear and doubt and you attract failure. Become a creator and visualise your life unfolding exactly the way you want it to.

  1. Plan of attack

Why do we write a list to get groceries, but don’t write a list for the important things we want from life? By writing a list of what we want, we get the ball rolling. This simple step will light the flame of creativity deep within you and fuel your imagination to create the life you want. Despite what we think or feel, our lives are shaped by what we do. By making the effort and being committed, you will increase your chances of achieving what matters most to you. At the end of your life you will be asked not what you have read, but what you have done.

  1. Your life is like a garden

To live the life that you want, treat your life like it’s a garden. To have a beautiful garden you must watch out for weeds (problems) before they take over. You must take time to nourish the soil (positive beliefs and thoughts). Cultivate the soil (with action and effort) and sow seeds (positive habits and behaviours) so you can create an abundant garden (life). Remember your dreams are the seedlings of your reality.

  1. Burst your bubble

Until you burst your bubble and head towards uncertainty, life will give you much more of the same. Don’t let fear paralyse you. You must reach out and soar and take some chances in life. By taking the initiative and going to places that scare you, life will open up new pathways and opportunities for your growth. It’s time to say yes to life.


About the writer
Luke Sheedy is a gifted life advisor, motivator and free thinker. He combines his metaphysical talents to advise clients on their natural strengths, talents and abilities. Luke helps release what is holding you back, so growth can occur and your life’s plan can unfold naturally.

Law of attraction exercises: sleep and dreams

Law of attraction exercises: sleep and dreams

If you’ve not encountered the basics of law of attraction exercises, read on. Small changes in your habits and mindset can have a huge impact on the reality around you.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” –Eleanor Roosevelt


Dreams and law of attraction exercises

When we sleep, we dream. On average, adults dream four to six times per night during a stage called Rapid Eye Movement. Dreams are a powerful source of insight, and we can harness them as part of our law of attraction exercises suite of tools, to improve any aspect of our lives.

It’s important we listen to our dreams as it’s the language of the universe talking to us. If we can understand and decipher the symbolism in our dreams, we can tap into the hidden messages being revealed to us, empowering us to live our true destiny.

In my clinic I often tell my clients who are having problems or difficulty making a decision to ‘sleep on it’. This allows your subconscious mind an opportunity to solve the problem.

It’s surprising how your dreams can provide helpful advice, whether we ask for it or not. Law of attraction exercises working their magic!

Many of my clients tell me that that don’t dream or can’t remember their dreams. This means they are missing out on tapping into a powerful source. Here are five strategies to help remember your dreams.

Law of attraction exercises: sleep and dreams

5 ways to listen to your dreams to turn them into reality

Law of attraction exercises: sleep prep

As you prepare for sleep say, “When I wake up I will remember my dreams”.

You are giving your subconscious mind a direct order that you want it to help you remember your dreams.

Law of attraction exercises: crystals

Place Howlite crystals near your bed.

Law of attraction exercises: writing

Keep a notebook close by and during the night or upon rising, jot down your dreams while they are fresh in your mind. Include as much detail as possible including colours, objects, people, emotions or symbols.

Law of attraction exercises: dreaming

Buy a dream dictionary, or download an app so you have a reference guide to interpret your dreams and their meanings.

Law of attraction exercises: waking up

Try to wake up slowly and relaxed (rather than to the startle of a buzzing alarm clock). Those first moments of waking between sleeping and dreaming provide a clear insight into your dreams.


Remembering your dreams

If after a couple of weeks, you still can’t remember your dreams don’t give up, give yourself time, it takes practice and perseverance.

Have the persistence and strength to follow through. I tend to dream more when I’m relaxed and in tune with myself and have absorbed powerful and vibrant energy from places of nature.

I often advise my clients who are stressed, anxious and unable to turn off the ‘mind chatter’ to get back to nature, it provides everything we need to revive mind, body and spirit. Being calm and having a quiet mind allows you to tap into the universal mind and receive your visions and ideas.

Remembering and interpreting life changing messages in your dreams provides the insight into making your dreams a reality. Write down your ideas and insights and start a plan of action. You are showing your intention to the universe that you are ready to turn your dreams into a reality.

Everything you see began with someone’s dream, a vision. Decide to take action, have faith in yourself, a desire and a strong expectation to succeed. Let your dreams serve you, so you can draw inspiration, insight and guidance from your night travelling adventures. Your dreams are yours, become limitless.

Let your dreams enhance your possibilities, inspire and motivate you. When you listen and absorb the messages, creativity will follow. Become a life artist, create the life you want for yourself.

Begin it now, life is too short, listen to your dreams, live your dreams.


Make changes

Want more practical law of attraction exercises and advice? Read more here about how to implement gratitude, manifest money and mindset miracles to make shifts in your reality.


Do you take heed from your dreams? What are your experiences manifesting or working with the law of attraction? Let us know in the comments.


About the writer Luke Sheedy is a gifted life advisor, motivator and free thinker. He combines his metaphysical talents to advise clients on their natural strengths, talents and abilities. Luke helps release what is holding you back, so growth can occur and your life’s plan can unfold naturally.