Best coffee and cocktails in Gastown

Best coffee and cocktails in Gastown

Best coffee and cocktails in Gastown Vancouver

Gastown, Vancouver: it’s an eclectic little area featuring numerous cool boutiques, galleries, bars, cafes, restaurants and chic stores.

As new-comers, we found it difficult to secure a summary of the best choices within the precinct so we decided to compose our own.

It’s pretty simple – if you’re after ambiance, great coffees or cocktails then try one of these splendid establishments.

The best coffee and cocktails in Gastown


375 Water Street
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   Our number 1. pick… 

In our experience Steamworks offers by far the best service, value and cocktail selection. The food here is delicious, the atmosphere vibrant and we’ve enjoyed a great experience every time.

We met popular Bar Manager, Josh Taylor (pictured), who is evidently well-liked by patrons. He serves up a mean cocktail – all with a friendly smile and helpful service.

Dsc_1362_800x600We discovered Steamworks has not only the cheapest cocktails in Gastown but possibly the most innovative selection (the menu was redesigned recently, and Josh along with some other staff have carefully created bespoke options like the fab Nothing Rhymes with Orange).

We also tried the delicious Bellinias well as one of their famous locally brewed beers. There are daily drink specials on offer at Steamworks, as well as a ‘Brewer’s Choice Beer of the Day’.

Drinking for a good cause. Back in 2011, Josh designed a special cocktail for the month of Movember, kind of an offshoot of the Dark & Stormy – totally delicious, and a percentage of proceeds from the sale of each was put towards fundraising for Steamworks’ very own Movember crew, Team Happy Fun Ball. Cheers!


210 Carrall Street
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With its comfy, chic interior this place is easy to spend time in. It’s renowned as being the number 1. seller of Guinness in the city (about $7/pint). There’s also fine coffees, cocktails and dining on offer.

131 Water Street
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This cosy little bar serves up inexpensive cocktails like the signature classic Bourbon & Sour, as well as a delicious selection that uses 131’s own house-made lemonade – yummy!

212 Carrall Street

These guys know their coffee. If you’re seeking decent menu choices and a sleek coffee stop, take a look inside.

216 Carrall Street

Daily drink and food specials mean this pub is always thriving.


117-131 Water Street
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A favourite local haunt – this place is typically ‘Vancouver cool’ – kick your morning off with a delicious coffee and a quirky quote that is posted on a board outside the store daily.


3 Alexander Street

This gorgeous venue always captures our attention when we’re walking through Gastown. It’s as cool inside as it looks from the outside. Don’t envy those sitting under the (occasional) sun in the street sipping on their cocktails – drop in and enjoy your own, and ask about one of Chill Winston’s signature drinks such as the Spooning Jesus…


Courtyard of 12 Water Street
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Set within the quaint courtyard of 12 Water Street, Boneta boasts a chic environment, divine yet reasonably priced menu and a selection of delicious coffees and classic cocktails. The open kitchen means you can even watch the chefs do their thang while you sit back and enjoy the surroundings.

36 Powell Street

Fabulous interior and delightful drinks, this coffee house offers a unique concept for enjoying your daily brew.

Have we missed your favourite Gastown coffee and/or cocktails hotspot, or would you like to give a shout-out to your fave that’s listed above? Feel free to share as a ‘comment’ below…

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Brief pause: Beautiful British Columbia and Vancouver

Brief pause: Beautiful British Columbia and Vancouver

Can you believe it? Today I actually rode a bike – for the first time in probably ten or more years. Not only did I ride a bike, but I rode it all around Stanley Park! If you’re unsure as to why this is such a big deal, you obviously don’t know how generally uncoordinated I am.

It’s a completely gorgeous day in Vancouver and about time I got ‘back on the bike’, so to speak. We’ve ended up in B.C. for a stay – an attempt to catch our breath, catch up with some writing and blogging, and explore this beautiful (and favourite) part of the world.

British Columbia Grouse Mountain Vancouver

Beautiful British Columbia and Vancouver

Vancouver is as awesome as I remember it. We’ve found a little spot in Gastown to live, within walking distance to the waterfront, cafes, fabulous Asian supermarkets, parks, pubs…

Of course, hanging out here does remind us of how very lucky we are. There are many ‘residentially challenged’ people (as our new mate Edward says) in the area, but with that said, I’ve not once in my three visits here felt unsafe. Indeed every person in the precinct has their own story to tell. As for me, I’ve always wanted to spend an extended period of time in Vancouver and I’m so fortunate to get my wish.

We’ve even met some cool people – interesting and creative; plus there’s a cute dog in the crew named Lydia!

British Columbia Grouse Mountain Vancouver

Stanley Park was on the ‘to do’ list for our first brilliant sunny day − and what a gorgeous area it is. The park is actually 10 per cent larger than New York’s Central Park and riding around the perimeter we encountered beautiful forest areas, beaches, a lighthouse, stunning coastal views and mountain scenes across the water to North Vancouver and beyond. Can’t wait until it snows because the only view better than the one we had today is that where the mountains are capped in white!

Am pleased I didn’t fall today. Or hit any small children or dogs. What crazy adventures will I come up with next? ;-)

We do have Whistler, Buntzen Lake, Vancouver Island and Deep Cove on the ‘to do’ list – if you have any other ideas please list in the comments, much appreciated.


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