So far in our lives the only ‘hot spring’ town we’ve experienced is Moree in New South Wales (Australia). Now don’t get me wrong, we love Moree − we lived there for about two years, but Harrison Hot Springs (about 90-minutes drive from Vancouver), apart from also being a small town, couldn’t be more different − or scenic.

It is in fact, a sublime corner of the world that makes you want to pack up your bags to move! In all honesty, if you’re seeking beauty like Switzerland but without the price tag, add a destination like this in British Columbia (B.C.) to your ‘to see’ list.

Heaven is Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia

Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia is a town of around 2000 people. Harrison thrives as a cool tourist destination which boasts pretty homes, chic coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, surrounding mountain ranges, beaches, rivers, lakes, farmland and of course, divine mineral hot springs (accessible, as in Moree, via public pool facilities).

The quaint town was quieter this weekend because the weather is cooling down (hence the snow appearing on peaks above us), but the sun glistened so we were free to explore landscapes that appear to be directly from a Twilight or Once Upon a Time set (incidentally, both filmed in B.C.).

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Even the commute from Vancouver on Friday afternoon was gorgeous − thanks to major traffic congestion we were forced to (literally) take the scenic route cross country, brightly lit by autumnal colours under a setting sun; and through classic old towns like Mission and Fort Langley – areas I recognise as popular filming ground for movies, and TV series’ including The X-Files, Supernatural, Smallville and Stargate.

Harrison Hot Springs in British Columbia

We were introduced to the town by Phil (an old friend of Cooper’s) and his lovely wife, Susan.

Everyone we’ve met here has shown us warm, friendly hospitality, and we’ve done everything from enjoying delicious lattes by the beach overlooking snow-capped mountains, to walks around the town and local lake, hiking through vast open spaces, keeping an eye out for salmon and bald eagles. We watched ultralight aircrafts cruise across farmland, and enjoyed toasting marshmallows by a secluded river at sunset (pictured on this page).

It’s the ultimate B.C. escape, and a location also ideal for cycling, fishing, boating, golfing and getting back to nature. Harrison Hot Springs has reminded me, once again, why I believe this part of the world to be one of the most beautiful you could hope to discover on any journey.

There’s an added secret bonus in these parts too − it’s known as ‘Sasquatch (Bigfoot) Country’ − so keep your camera handy at all times because you may just need it for more than the scenery!

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