House and pet sitting is an exciting avenue to explore for digital nomads, seasoned travellers, or those seeking novel ways to experience new places, people, and pets. This unique form of travel and accommodation, however, often leads to numerous queries.

We are in touch with a thriving house and pet sitting community here on Facebook and on our mailing list. Within this community, three key concerns have consistently emerged this year! To assist those seeking answers to the questions house sitters are asking most often, we’re providing some valuable insights and tips.

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The top 3 questions that come in all the time from house and pet sitters are…


What’s the best way to manage scheduling and timing?

One of the prevalent questions house sitters are asking concerns the management of timing and schedules for house sits. The logistics of planning sits, coordinating travel, and dealing with last-minute changes can be challenging, particularly for those who prefer a detailed plan.

Our solution is embracing flexibility.

Despite meticulous planning or early bookings, unexpected events will inevitably occur. It’s crucial to budget for contingencies such as additional accommodation expenses between sits. Furthermore, we’ve found that refraining from scheduling back-to-back house sits can provide a much-needed respite, ensuring we arrive at the next house sit relaxed and punctual, a characteristic homeowners highly value.



How do I find long-term house sits?

The search for long-term house sitting assignments is another question frequently asked by house sitters. These longer sits are especially desirable for those aiming to deeply immerse themselves in a new culture or for digital nomads seeking balance and a consistent base.

Many of our podcast guests talk about this way of travel and house sitting. Take a look at episodes here.

Securing such opportunities often requires a mixture of strategy and luck, similar to a job hunt. Building solid relationships with homeowners can lead to return invitations for extended stays. Staying active on house sitting platforms like TrustedHousesitters and being prepared with a ready-to-go application letter for potential opportunities can also prove beneficial. We would love to hear your experiences and tips on this topic!


Should I get paid as a house sitter?

One of the most debated questions house sitters are asking is whether to ask for payment for house sitting. Some sitters are happy to exchange their pet and home care services for accommodation and the enriching experiences it offers. Others, recognising the growing global demand, are turning house sitting into a paid enterprise.

We advocate for a balanced approach, acknowledging the validity of both methods, each catering to different types of homeowners and sitters. For those inclined towards paid house sitting, platforms like Rover can be a great starting point. Alternatively, establishing a local business and setting your rates based on the value you offer is also a viable option.

However, it’s essential to discuss payment expectations upfront to ensure fairness for all parties involved. If house sitting is your business, treat it as such: value your time, set your rates, and find the right clients who respect your terms.

While house and pet sitting can offer enriching and unique experiences, it comes with its own set of questions and challenges. Each sitter’s approach and preferences can vary, and finding what works best for you is key.

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