In this episode of Freedom and Four Paws, we share some insight on how to make the most of a house and pet sitting and digital nomad community.


Your digital nomad community and house sitting friends!

We cover three key aspects:

  • the people you meet along the way;
  • networking in like-minded online spaces;
  • and getting involved at niche in-person gatherings for travellers or digital nomads.

As house and sitters ourselves, and the group admins of a popular Facebook Group on the topic, we’ve experienced the very best of what this exceptional travel niche has to offer.

Our eyes were originally opened to this wonderful house and pet sitting community when we first took to the road for about eight months travelling, house and pet sitting throughout the UK and Europe.

Each sit saw us meet fun, interesting, smart and creative people. We are actually still friends with all the home owners that we’ve sat for. Some of those people we are actively in touch with on WhatsApp and Messenger three years later!

We went into this for the pets, as you’ll see in some of our other videos. But what we didn’t expect was to come out with so many friends – all with a wonderful story of their own. Take Teresa and Geoff in Malta, or Andy and Helen in Sharnbrook for example.


Getting your doggie fix

When we were living in London, we desperately missed having a dog. We did sign up to a new service called Borrow My Doggy. It offers animal lovers like us the chance to connect with people who want to share their pups for a play in the park or walk. The service was so popular that the ratio of borrowers to doggies available was out of proportion. Lots of people want a furry friend, it seems.

Later on, we came across TrustedHousesitters, and the rest is history!  

We started out doing short local sits in the city to get our pet fix and build our reviews, then we took the show on the road.


Building the community – pet sitters, nomads and wanderlust

We got so into the house sitting scene that – just for fun – we started a Facebook Group to attract like-minded souls. Our intention was to connect with people who saw the world the way we did: through dogs, travel and a search for freedom that sees us living and working wherever we want, whenever we want.

COVID obviously put a cold hard halt on our dreams for a couple of years, especially as we ended up in Australia, which was one of the last countries to open up a good two years after the pandemic began.

Our Facebook Group continued to thrive though, and at time of writing is very near to 15,000 members! The Facebook community has offered great conversation, and it’s so heartening to see how many people swap services on there, find their next sit/sitter and help each other with advice.


Travel communities and learning more

Another of our favourite ways to build community in the travel space is by attending conferences.

One of our very favourites is TBEX where you can meet like minded people and learn how to better your craft. 


It’s well worth the investment attending something like TBEX. The learning is inspiring and motivating. The travel is extraordinary. But the unexpected benefit is the international friends you walk away with!

Of course, the next one we shall attend is in Greece in 2023… can’t deny we are really pumped about that!



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Freedom and Four Paws

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In this episode of Freedom and Four Paws, find out about how valuable a global travel community can be for your work and wellbeing. 

Have you found a community through house and pet sitting? Let us know about your experiences in the comments and tag those who you have met along the way.



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