Welcome to step two of a six part series on how to prepare for the book writing process. If you missed the first article in this series: Step One – How to Begin the Book Writing Process, here’s the link.

Before you can write a book that will be embraced, you must first understand your reader. Keep in mind that there are many ways to gather this information. Some future authors initiate casual conversations, do online research, join topic appropriate groups or create surveys. I suggest all authors start in the bookstore. It’s a great place to begin the journey from where you are now to bestselling author status. While at the bookstore take notice of the huge sections are dedicated to the popular topics.

The following questions are important to first ask yourself and then ask people who might be the market for your book.

Who’s going to read your book?

The first and most important thing is to think about the audience. What interests them? What are their challenges, what excites them and motivates them to do, be and have more? Are they intent on losing weight, having a great relationship, reaching a higher level of success, being able to afford that new car or paying for their kid’s sports season?

Know what interests them

Maybe your audience is other business owners. If so, this should be even easier. What are they interested in? Are they focused on increasing revenue, decreasing costs, gaining the competitive edge, or is it some new industry or legislative change that has them alarmed?

What challenges are they facing?

Keeping an eye on what your readers are experiencing is always a good idea. Often writers find a niche and stay within it so they can focus on a particular market. They easily understand the reader, their challenges and their daily life. This allows the author to offer insightful solutions and increase their own credibility. Finding a niche and sticking with it can lead to “expert” status. Apart from writing, this elevated status could open doors to speaking, training and consulting.

What excites them?

Understanding their hopes, dreams and desires is just as important as knowing the reader’s challenges. By getting a picture of what they are striving for, the writer can shed light on how they might get it. People are frequently too close to their situation to see a clear path to what they want.  While they struggle, an outsider’s viewpoint can steer them in the right direction. A knowledgeable writer, with insights into an audience, will be in a unique position to impact individuals, and the group, while standing out as a leader.

The reader needs to be present at every stage of the writing process. Keeping in touch with them mentally, will keep you on the right track towards delivering a book that is well received and valuable.

You won’t want to miss the next part of this series, Step Three – Starting the Book Marketing Process.

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