Everybody’s doing it. You can’t look at social media, industry journals or a magazine that you don’t see authors using their new books as a means of getting attention. Don’t be jealous! With the help of this article, a topic and a computer, you can do the very same thing.

It’s important to first organize your thoughts around your book. In order to clarify your topic and focus your message, answer the following questions. The more deeply you dig into your motives, the better prepared you will be to take your book idea to the next level.

Book description

Write a short synopsis of the book, just a few paragraphs will do. If you have pages and pages of the description, you haven’t clarified your book enough. Keep writing, rereading and editing to get to the heart of the book.  

Why are you writing this book?

What is your motivation behind this undertaking? This is another question that requires you to get specific. Many people don’t take the time to explore this question and end up with a book that doesn’t grab the reader or help the author reach their personal and professional goals.

Why are you the right person to write this book?

What experiences, education, unique viewpoint, or successes regarding the topic do you have to share? Why are you the right person to deliver this message or address this topic?

What are you specifically bringing to the reader that they don’t already have?

Are you helping people save time, money, or effort? Are you offering a new way to do something? Are you helping your reader solve a problem, meet a challenge or overcome a roadblock? Maybe you’re just entertaining the reader and that’s okay too.

What are your ideas for marketing your book?

Are there any obvious channels that you can think of, off the top of your head that would help you sell your book? If you have access to lots of people, are a member of a large group or know people who are it’s a good idea to start creating a list. 

What are your wildest dreams as a result of this book?

Many people focus so much on the possible that they under estimate their book and themselves. Don’t start the book writing process with a compromise. Dream big and you may reach some pretty lofty goals.


Now that you’re well on your way to solidifying your message and initial ideas for your book, you’ll want to stay tuned for Step Two – Understanding Your Reader.


About the author
Speaker, author, TV host of Focus Forward, Lauri Flaquer has extensive entrepreneurial and media experience. As founder of Saltar Solutions, she guides her clientele of international business owners to excel as entrepreneurs. Formally in TV production at NBC, CNBC and Bloomberg LP, Lauri produces/ hosts Focus Forward, a show dedicated to helping entrepreneurs soar! Lauri has been the publicist and marketing director for several best-selling book campaigns. To learn more about marketing contact Lauri or Tweet her, @SaltarSolutions.


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