Discover important info on how to house sit in a foreign language destination: be prepared with safety tips for you and the pets in your care!

In this episode of Freedom and Four Paws, we share our experience around preparing for house and pet sitting in a foreign language destination – that is, for us, a place where English is not the first language spoken.

Watch on and discover some of our favourite resources, tips and tricks for learning the language, experiencing the culture, facing embarrassment, and importantly, surviving in an emergency or crisis situation.


How to house sit in a foreign language destination

Ultimately, our top five critical tips for house and pet sitting in a foreign language destination are:

  1. Know where you’re staying. Make sure you have the address written down and with you both on your phone and on your person. This is important in case you you lose your phone or the battery  dies.
  2. Make sure you know what the emergency services number is in the country where you’re staying, e.g. 000, 111, 999.
  3. Download key apps before you head off so they’re ready to go on the ground. For example, Google Translate, and your favourite language app.
  4. Always ask what you should do if you get locked out, and what to do if the pet gets sick. Make sure you know what the plan is! Also that there are emergency contacts who will be able to communicate with you.
  5. Just practice: give it a go, say hello, or hola, as the case may be.



We’d love to know what your tips and experience is in this space – let us know in the comments



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