Sarah Blinco and Cooper Dawson – a happy pair of digital nomads sharing inspiring stories and all that's good for your body, mind and soul.

writing and editing

Well established in both print publishing and blogging, with international experience editing and writing for websites and lifestyle magazines.

digital media

Experienced creators and managers, including website content and social media campaigns across lifestyle, travel, education and health sectors.

collaborative campaigns

From destination partnerships to guest blogging and ambassador roles, we work with brands keen to share our creative and inspired-living messages.

consulting and mentoring

Specialising in digital nomad lifestyle skills and mindset; including media mentoring, expat expertise, blogging and social media training.


Having begun our media careers in radio, we love this podcasting era, but you'll find us on YouTube, speaking at workshops, conferences and events too!

sponsored content

Showcasing products and services in a positive, professional way, and promoting via our extensive social media, publicity and marketing network.

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Travel has significantly shaped us and this site has evolved with a goal to motivate you through inspiration we've collected...


Our content focus is on sharing travel experiences and tips, as well as features about digital media and travel tech, and stories designed to inspire, educate and inform on living your best life. Find out more...


We strive for positivity and productivity and write about it here.


As digital content professionals, we've picked up a trick or two along the way.


Discover how to get a foot in the door as a communications expert.


    Dining, entertainment and creative initiatives.

    Sarah and Cooper


    Once upon a time in a land Down Under, we were known on the radio as 'Blink & Coops'. Although we’ve moved on from that popular breakfast slot, we continue to tell stories every day. Here we have designed an inspiring travel guide for mind, body and soul. If you too are a creative free-thinker, then you’ve found your tribe here. Our content blends contemporary career experience (Cooper, a teacher and digital media enthusiast; Sarah, a communications professional and mentor) with a mutual passion for travel, dogs and lifestyle design. We believe in the value of travel, being mindful and curious. Travel. Live. Learn. Want to come along for the ride? FIND OUT MORE


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