Amazon Prime Day 2024 Travel Best Of!

Amazon Prime Day 2024 Travel Best Of!

We rarely post about shopping here, but once a year we celebrate – Amazon Prime Day 2024 Travel Best Of!

Shopping + nomadic travel don’t always go hand in hand. Most of us aim to shed ‘stuff’ in favour of experiences. But Amazon Prime Day is around the corner on July 16 and 17, and there are a few awesome goodies we wanted to bring to your attention that may just make your travel life better.

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Our Amazon Prime Day 2024 Travel Best Of Wish List

This year we plan to upgrade a few of our travel essentials including:

Prime Day Travel Live Learn 2024 Wish List


Portable power bank: to reliably keep our devices charged on the go. Something that’s perfect for long flights or days exploring off the grid.

Noise-cancelling headphones: we’re fans of Bose and Anker to block out distractions and find focus, especially when in a busy co-working café.

Travel backpack: finding a versatile, spacious, sturdy yet stylish backpack is sometimes harder than you’d think, but essential for all of us with wanderlust.

Kindle E-Reader: I had to give up a physical library long ago when moving to live and work abroad. Now my Kindle needs upgrading – 2024 may be the year!

Portable WiFi hotspot: it’s nice to never have to worry about spotty internet and online security regardless of where we roam.

Camera, lights, action, smile: you bet we are dazzled by compact cameras, bright portable lights and smooth sound! :)


Pro Amazon Prime Day Tip

If you’ve never shopped Prime Day before, you’re missing out! My top tip is to go browse Amazon now, before the Prime Day sale.

Add whatever it is you love to a wish list (here’s how to do that if you’re unsure). Then, as soon as Prime Day kicks off, go straight to your wish list to see what’s on sale and purchase if the price looks good! 

View our Prime Day Travel Wish List


What will you purchase on Prime Day?

What are your must-have travel essentials? Maybe they’re tech gadgets, sustainable products, or even items for your pets (which are also included on our wish list!)? Leave a comment and let us know what you’ll be looking out for on Amazon Prime Day this year.

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