An entry that may bring a tear to your eye: Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia

An entry that may bring a tear to your eye: Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia

A wonderful entry from Tassie… We recently hosted an Australia-wide search for writing talent and received an extraordinary response. Students submitted entries based around a theme, “inspire”, and this week we’re showcasing the final six winners (in no particular order).

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Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia – Tamara Hursey, TAS


Hi mum.

I’m not really sure how to start one of these things. I mean, they don’t teach it at school so I’m writing blind here. I have no idea where to start either. I know this is where you say ‘the beginning’ but it’s not that simple. Where is the beginning for something like this? I have no idea what I’m doing. In movies they use this as an opportunity to tell their family members they love them and to move on, but we both know I’m not an overly emotional person who likes to talk about her feelings. But later is better than never right? Ok here goes:

I love you. Always remember that. I love you and I know that you secretly blame yourself, not for the cancer, but because it was diagnosed so late. Here’s the thing, it’s NOT your fault . Ok? It’s my body and it was up to me to know when I was sick. Your job was to support me and love me and help me get through the days that weren’t so great, like losing my hair. And let me tell you this. You did not fail. Ok? You were amazing throughout everything even the days when I would have slapped me in the face and kicked me out.

OMG, I’m starting to cry. I know you are too. You’re pretending to be strong for the people around you but I know you too well. I’m allowing you to cry, just this once, ok. Then I want you to smile. Smile when you hear my name. Smile when you see my picture, smile when you think of me. Don’t see me as the person I was at the end, see me as the daughter you remember, your Allie. The girl who loved sport and movies and Nutella pancakes. Remember my embarrassing moments, my achievements, my failures and everything in between. Remember our moments together.

But most of all I want you to use this experience, my life, as a way to help others. I want to be an organ donor. I know we haven’t talked about it but it’s what I want. I’ll never get the chance to help people the way I wanted to with my life and this is the only way I can make a difference. I know you’re probably frozen in shock at this point and it’s probably unfair of me to ask this but I would like you to honour my wishes. The cancer took everything from me but this is something I can control, something I have a choice in.

I admire your strength, your love and the way you made even the darkest days bearable. I love you mum, forever and always.

Allie xxx

The mother looks up from the tear stained page. She would do what her daughter said. She would be strong and she would use her memory to inspire those she had dreamed of helping. This would be her legacy.

Tamara, congratulations on being one of our six 2014 national winners! The judging panel was moved by your entry – it’s touching and well written. You’ve definitely got the talent required to pursue your dreams of being an author and/or journalist.


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