Theme song Roar

Theme song Roar

Theme song Roar

Do you have a theme song?

“I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar”

What song is making you feel awesome right now?

There’s something in the air lately. It’s making me really happy. Even the stinky garbage truck in front of me at the traffic lights this morning couldn’t ruin my mood. I’m putting it down to a smell − not the garbage truck − but the weather. When I wake up in the morning there’s something about the smell in the air that’s putting me in a great mood right off. Of course, by Thursday I, like most, am not super keen to get up out of bed, but in the end, how can I resist such beautiful weather − sunshine streaming in, the promise of a new day, and that lovely smell which I can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s flowers or just something in the wind. Either way, it reminds me of various times in my life when I’ve had a lot of fun. Interesting that scents can do that, isn’t it?

Whatever sweetness I’m detecting in the air, it’s linked to the memory of good times, and I think that’s what’s setting off my good mood. I feel like I’m in − as they say − the flow. I’ve even adopted a theme song (just like Ally McBeal did!), Katy Perry’s Roar. My neighbours must be so sick of that track by now (and probably even more tired of having to put up with me belting it out … very un-Katy like). But how good is the song? It reminds me to put all issues, challenges, negative people and hardships to the side and to remember the things I’ve overcome. “Sing like no-one’s listening,” as they say; don’t mind if I do!

Yummy smells in the air and my very own theme song − I really am turning into Ally McBeal! Wonder if someone will give me a TV show?

Here’s hoping you’re in the flow today too. And do tell me, what’s your theme song? If you don’t have one and want to share mine, I’m ok with that :-) or Tweet me @sarahblinco