What inspires you? Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia

What inspires you? Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia

Today’s winning entry from VIC: We recently hosted an Australia-wide search for writing talent and received an extraordinary response. Students submitted entries based around a theme, “inspire”, and this week we’re showcasing the final six winners (in no particular order).

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Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia – Jaime Mutimer, VIC

Inspiration is not merely the arrangement of elegant fruits in a bowl
surrounded by fifteen artists
hungry for an idea to stun the contemporary world of art

Nor is it the mere image of a topless model,
in an audacious pose
for 15 dollars an hour
to the sculptor’s satisfaction of perfectly erect nipples moulded onto clay
Inspiration is not reserved solely for the artist
nay is it reserved solely to create art
rather, inspiration stems from the roots of hope
blossoming into vivid roses of love

Here’s to the poor souls
in the darkest, gloomiest of times
who find liberation in trusting that
while there is hope
there will be beauty

To the girl with her head halfway down the toilet
purging half a sandwich and a nibble of a carrot

To the boy with ‘fag’ sticked across his back
as if he had been stamped
branded by farmers breeding misfits
bleeding out cries of misery

To the woman who has turned black and blue
from the sham love of her husband
closing her eyes
blinded by denial

One day, the moon will rise at dawn
and the sun will lift at dusk
by a heart that adores you
and is willing to share your sun
and your moon
shamelessly, with the rest of the world

You will look up at the sky
notice the brilliant sun
be in awe of the luminous moon
that your lover made just for you
to inspire you
to make a difference
take a chance
force a change

Jaime, congratulations on being one of our six 2014 national winners. Surely it’s pretty obvious why we loved this entry – wow! Don’t you all agree?


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