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The Grooming Guy – Wellman skin care review

The Grooming Guy – Wellman skin care review

British health and supplements company, Vitabiotics, have entered the thriving male skincare market with their Wellman Skin Technology range for men. Designed to complement a healthy lifestyle, Wellman offers a perfect option for men who pride themselves on achieving healthy, clean, hydrated skin.

The basics of any grooming program is to cleanse, scrub and moisturise but since my introduction to Wellman, I’ve added a fourth; under eye serum. Over the last month I’ve been fortunate enough to sample this range, specifically formulated for men, and to my surprise I’ve had a positive response from my skin.

2D-WEL Skin Tech range

Ultra Energising Facial Wash

The facial wash is almost completely clear and it has an understated scent. The wash is light and comes out quickly so be aware of wastage. Surprisingly, you only need a small amount for a nice lather to help remove the impurities and pollutants in your skin. Even my girlfriend loves this one!

Exfoliate and Invigorate Facial Scrub

A good face scrub is a key player in helping you achieve smooth skin and a vibrant complexion. I found this exfoliate gentle and it helped reduce the dry, flaky areas around my nose, which I’m occasionally prone to. Apply once or twice a week in a light circular motion for a period of time.

Ultra Hydrating Anti-ageing Moisturiser

The true test of any moisturiser is if it causes blemishes or pimples which are normally evident after a week. Luckily, my skin had a positive reaction with its unique blend of antioxidants. Additionally, it also contains SPF-15 to offer protection from the sun which is the biggest factor in helping to reduce the ageing process.

Anti-fatigue Under Eye Serum

I’ve only recently added this to my skin routine as I’d grown accustomed to the dark circles under eyes and to be honest I hadn’t really thought about their demise. After a few weeks I’d notice that the dark circles and puffiness had faded slightly. Which was enough for me to continue using.

Available from online from vitabiotics.com/Wellman

PS – to complement this excellent skin care regime, why not try Wellman’s supplement, which works to improve your skin and health from the inside.


What grooming goodies can’t you live without? Drop us a line in the comments to let us know.

By Cooper Dawson

London Fashion Week SS15 highlights

London Fashion Week SS15 highlights

London Fashion Week – celebrating its 30th year in 2014 – and we were on the ground to see it unfold. What will you be buying in stores this coming spring/summer 2015?

  1. Feminine, flowy, sheer dresses and skirts.
  2. Monochrome prints; also clashing colours and loud botanical designs.
  3. Pale blue and cool citrus tones.
  4. All white – pant suits, dresses, coats and skirts.
  5. Feathers, tulle, sequins and ruffles.

Here’s what LFW was like on the ground…

London Fashion Week SS15 - TravelLiveLearn.com

It’s exciting to be a part of London Fashion Week, especially when the sun is shining upon the home and hub – neo-classical landmark, Somerset House. Our pre-show ritual is to indulge in a glass of bubbles in front of the building, overlooking the Thames!

London Fashion Week SS15 - www.travellivelearn.com

Plenty of fashionistas milled around in the courtyard of Somerset House, where you can watch the shows being live streamed, or get in on the people-watching action.

London Fashion Week SS15 - www.travellivelearn.com

Here was some live filming going to air across the internet. This year’s event has been hailed as the most technologically advanced Fashion Week to date, reflecting the city’s status as a leading tech capital of the world.

London Fashion Week SS15 - www.travellivelearn.com

What’s trending this SS15? Brights will be brighter, punctuated by cool citrus hues as well as striking shades of orange, aqua and hot pink. Vivid graphic botanical prints digitally translated onto soft and sensual fabrics like silk will be popular. Metallic laminated cotton was seen throughout the showcase; the fabric creates sleek and structured lines with elegant translucent fluidity. Optical illusions are on the way too, in tops and skirts featuring geometric patterns on light coloured fabric, covered by mesh to achieve the look. Clashing colours and outrageous designs will be a feature of soon-to-be-released garments, as will sequins, ruffles and feathers.

London Fashion Week SS15 - www.travellivelearn.com

Asian-inspiration featured heavily during this showcase, not only in terms of some really interesting fashion on the catwalk, but Chinese and Korean models were favoured for many of the sets, and celebs from all regions in Asia attended to cover the major fashion fest.

London Fashion Week SS15 - www.travellivelearn.com

We met some cool cats waiting for the shows to begin…

London Fashion Week SS15 www.travellivelearn.com


The star-studded Catwalk Edit in Chelsea preceded Somerset House’s festivities, showcasing 50 amazing labels across women’s Ready-to-Wear, lingerie, swim and accessories. It was another brilliant opportunity to get in on the fashion action at LFW. –Click here to see all the pics and read about trends launched at The Catwalk Edit this year. Our highlights….


Catwalk Edit, Canopi and Umit Kutluk; Ana Gely A Photography

We also dropped in on the special Catwalk Edit held in Chelsea, complete with all the beautiful people (and gorgeous fashion). Pictured: Canopi and Umit Kutluk; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Caterina Stratank; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Caterina Stratank; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Buenas Noches; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Buenas Noches; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Buenas Noches; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Buenas Noches; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Li Jing; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Li Jing; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Kiss Me Deadly; Ana Gely A Photography

Catwalk Edit, Kiss Me Deadly; Ana Gely A Photography


Catch you next year! londonfashionweek.co.uk

-Sarah Blinco & Cooper Dawson

Milk Skincare by Michael Klim review –      The Grooming Guy

Milk Skincare by Michael Klim review – The Grooming Guy

Milk Skincare Michael Klim

Milk is a skincare range founded by former Australian Olympian Michael Klim (you know, the guy with the shaved head who won a heap of medals) and his wife back in 2008. What’s obvious about this product is the packaging, how cool is it? In the fashion world I believe it’s described it as minimalistic chic.

Milk face wash and scrub is basically a creamy based scrub which helps exfoliate and cleanse the skin. In the past I’ve tried moisturising face washes that felt like sandpaper and left my face feeling dry. Not the case with this cleanser as it contains fine exfoliating beads which I didn’t find rough on my face. Face washes are suppose draws out the impurities in your pores and cleanse your skin, which it did. It contains over 50 different nutrients, which they say help protect and moisturise your skin. All I was hoping for was that it left my skin feeling smooth, clean and soft and it achieved that.

Sometimes I get pimples from using creamy based scrubs but I had no blemishes after using it for a week. You only need to use a small amount (about the size of a pea) to cover the whole face.

Milk Ultra-light moisturiser

Milk’s Ultra-light moisturiser is creamy without feeling gluggy, it’s non-greasy and it’s easy to apply. I like how it doesn’t have a fragrance, I’m not a fan of moisturisers which have a sweet or chemical smell.  Surprisingly a small amount is enough to cover your whole face and neck.

Milk’s Ultra-Light Moisturizer contains also contains over 50 different ingredients but the two that stand out for me are jojoba oil which protects against skin dehydration and Aloe Vera which acts as an anti-inflammatory, protecting your skin against breakouts and dry, red itchy patches but most importantly, it moisturises your skin and for under $15.

You can use it day and night and it also says that it contains anti-ageing properties so make sure you pay attention around the eyes and neck. I’ll have to use it for a while to see if that’s case.

It’s Australian owned and uses 100% recycled packaging.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with the product and its packaging.