5 ways to build energy balance this autumn

5 ways to build energy balance this autumn

After a long and very hot summer, autumn is finally here. We are barely a quarter of the way through the year, though many of my clients have been telling me how mentally tired they are feeling. With the change of season and the crisp, cooler mornings to look forward to there is no better time to build up your energy balance.

Autumn leavesI’m sharing five simple strategies to give you a boost, so you feel a zest and vitality for living in the now.

1. Make time to do something you enjoy. It’s about giving back to yourself. Whether it be cooking up a storm, taking up a dance class, photography or art. Hobbies not only provide a creative outlet but can lower stress levels and blood pressure, as well as increasing your focus and concentration. If you do something you enjoy it will give you satisfaction and true joy.

2. Get social. Catch up with friends – it’s good for your health. You’ve never needed a better reason to hang out with a mate, an active social life is an important part of a healthy life. Find the time and energy to stay connected. Friends help you reach your goals, feel supported and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

3. Meditate. Meditation can take many forms, find one that suits you. Meditation will quieten your mind and help you stay calm, focussed and in the now. It can be as easy as taking ten minutes to yourself before the kids are out of bed in the morning, or sitting in a peaceful spot by the ocean or garden. Take a walk through the forest and enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves. You could even download a meditation track to help you concentrate. When our mind relaxes, our bodies do too, helping reduce stress and feel at peace.

4. Focus on healthy living. We know we should be healthy, but it’s hard to be good all the time. The 80/20 rule works for me and many of my clients. Be good for about 80% of the time, and don’t feel guilty for the other 20%. Eat healthy food, reduce alcohol intake, exercise daily (it’s easy as taking the dog for a walk) and try to maintain a sensible work/life balance. Bad lifestyle choices can leave you feeling exhausted, stressed and fatigued. Have something positive to focus on, and plan for, as it helps us to feel a zest for life. Whether it’s a holiday, your wedding, or a milestone birthday – having something to look forward to helps channel our energy and keeps us positive, which makes us feel empowered.

5. Smile. Smile yourself out of a bad mood. If you’re having a bad day, while you might not feel like you’re in a smiling, happy mood, you should smile anyway. Your brain cannot tell the difference between a posed smile and a genuine one – they have the same result. Your facial muscles send messages to your brain telling you to experience that positive emotion. So, next time you are feeling down and negative, try smiling and you’ll soon be feeling happier.


About the author
Luke Sheedy is a gifted life advisor, motivator and free thinker. He combines his metaphysical talents to advise clients on their natural strengths, talents and abilities. Luke helps release what is holding you back, so growth can occur and your life’s plan can unfold naturally.