And we have a talented winner from Queensland!… We recently hosted an Australia-wide search for writing talent and received an extraordinary response. Students submitted entries based around a theme, “inspire”, and this week we’re showcasing the final six winners (in no particular order).

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Media Bootcamp national writing competition winner Australia – Ashleigh Creeks, QLD

Sweet Memory

We sat in the centre of a crowded room. The lights were low, radiating a dulled yellow glow. In the corner of my eye I saw silhouettes of lamp stands and shadows of teddy bears but my vision was focused on you. You had a cheeky grin that reached your eyes and wore a shirt with grass stains on the left side that we knew your mother would not be happy about. You started humming a tune, melodic and slow, you stood up from your place and you bowed down low and with an outstretched hand you asked me for one last dance. We paced backward and forward counting in beats of four, you spun me on my toes and then we fell to the floor, oh how I wish that moment had never ended. You held me close and looked me directly in the eyes. You told me that this was our final goodbye and with a violent bang you were gone.

It was the bang of the front door that tore me from my childish daydreams. My mother was crying and my father screamed. All of their insults to each other ricocheted into me, leaving me utterly broken. As each day went by I would hollow my heart, for I did not want to feel hurt like that again. Ever since that door slammed misery was the only thing I let in.

Fast-forward ten years; I became as dark as I was cold. For ten years I rejected happiness, for ten years I rejected love. It was a bleak September evening when we were united once again. I scavenged though our attic in the search for some trivial thing. In the glow of that single light bulb I saw shadows and silhouettes but in the centre of that crowded room I saw you once again. My eyes began to tear up and my pulse began to race; it had been far too long since I had seen your mischievous face. I shared with you my sorrows, of how I barricaded my heart. You held my hand and told me riddles until it was time for us to part.

As I exited the attic I could feel the darkness flee. You reminded me of my once simple happy days. It was that memory of us dancing oh so long ago that inspired me to light a fire in my soul. No longer would I be loveless no longer would I be cold. I would break down all defences I had placed around my heart. You inspired me to open up, to embrace love’s warm light. So thank you sweet memory I owe you my life.

Ashleigh, congratulations on being one of our six 2014 national winners. We just loved your use of language in this emotive piece. Well done.


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