Edinburgh to Isle of Skye, Scotland

What a wonderful adventure it is fro Edinburgh to Isle of Skye in Scotland. Here’s a two-minute snapshot of life in the Scottish Highlands for a bunch of travellers on board Haggis Tours….   Edinburgh to Isle of Skye “Do you trust your Uncle Chris?” Our amusing guide’s dulcet tones broke the silence, rousing us all from a coach-induced [...]

Discovering history and travel in Cooktown Australia

Cooktown is one of those unique places in the world brimming with truly colourful characters from all walks of life. A quintessentially Aussie town of 2000 people and a destination of unspoilt beauty; here you may discover the very best of Australia’s coast, rainforest, bush, savannah and desert landscapes, which remain largely unchanged since the [...]

Eating, shopping, playing in Macau and Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a busy, crazy, colourful, cool city. It’s one of those places where you could discover something brand new every day of a long lifetime spent there. We only had a few days to explore but still managed to squeeze in memorable, highly recommended experiences: [More travel videos featured on YouTube’s TheSarahBlinco channel]   1. It’s [...]