Ask and it is given: law of attraction stories

Ask and it is given: law of attraction stories

I realise I’m a little slow off the mark, compared with a lot of people who have no end of law of attraction stories. I’ve just discovered the ‘Law of Attraction’, via an amazing book (bible?) lent to me, Ask and it is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Evidently it’s all similar or the same principle as The Secret which was huge a few years back. Indeed the law of attraction stories in there were inspired by Ask and it is Given (you’ll need to listen to some interviews with the Hicks’ to find out more).

I’m learning in Ask and it is given that if we’re guided by how we ‘feel’, that we have the best chance of following our true paths. There are many, many inspiring law of attraction stories out there (and now, on this blog, like here and here).

When we feel great, as in, we feel/know things are right, then ultimately we’re doing the right thing and are very ‘connected’ with our source energy.

Law of attraction stories: the feeling of ‘home’ or belonging

Tonight, walking through my old London neighbourhood, London Fields and quaint Broadway Market (pictured below).

I remembered how every day here I felt happy. From the moment the flat ‘found us’ by chance, the energy in the neighbourhood felt right. It was the law of attraction. It’s a law of attraction love story!

I loved walking in that gate every day, loved the little flat, adored the park, markets, shops, dogs in pubs…

Every moment felt right, and leaving felt so wrong, to the point where I know I wasn’t meant to leave (at that time, anyway). Life was ‘right’.

The energy was flowing and I was meant to be there in that place at that time; perhaps in another life, I’d be there for longer.


Given these kinds of situations then, how do you get that feeling back?

How do you make another situation ‘right’?

Not that I’m unhappy with my lot (on the contrary, I realise I’m one of the lucky ones), but curious – anyone got any insights?

What are YOUR law of attraction stories? Let me know in the comments.

PS you might be able to tell from the newer posts in this blog – my law of attraction story ended up pretty great, because a few years later I’m back living just two train stations away from Broadway Market.