Abundance garden

In my clinical practice, I treat many clients that have walked a difficult path and are weighed down by life. Here is a simple way I encourage my clients to take steps to live a fulfilled life, just like you would care for an abundant garden.

Your life can be seen just like a garden. To get the harvest you deserve, and achieve abundance, the appropriate care needs to be invested, otherwise you will reap only the amount of effort and action you’ve put into it.

Achieve abundance

Watch out for weeds

To get the best out of your garden you have to remove the weeds (problems). These weeds can been seen like the negative thoughts which get sown into our minds. They can also be the excuses and the barriers that hold us back. Monitor any thoughts that are faulty or rigid in the garden beds of our minds as they can cause damage. Also avoid gossip and bad news where possible, as they only weigh us down.

Give unwanted pests the flick

The all too common pests in our lives that can cause failure and destruction to anyone’s garden are the draining and negative people you have in your life. Just like pests in your garden, they will stop you from growing and expanding. Reaching for the sunlight of your potential, don’t let them drain you of your energy sources, nor your creativity or imagination. Don’t let them attach to you, otherwise you will pick up on their negative thoughts, behaviours and actions. They will influence you and possibly change your character which, day by day will destroy your focus, vision and ultimately your destiny. Give them the flick, before they become infested and toxic in your garden. Always surround yourself with positive people.

Nourish the soil and sow seeds

It’s important to nourish your soil and sow seeds for the future (positive beliefs, thoughts and behaviours). Make sure every thought you sow into your mind will be a positive one. By sowing the seeds of positivity, your behaviours and effort will produce a wonderful garden of opportunity and happiness. Positive affirmations are a great way to plant positive seeds of growth. Creating the right thoughts which are positive influence our behaviours and actions giving rise to the right circumstances and opportunities that will bare wonderful results to harvest.

Cultivate your garden

Cultivate your garden through action and effort. Take responsibility for your life and you will be amazed at the positive changes. Take responsibility by taking action, just small steps each day will help you get closer to the life you want to live.

By taking responsibility for your garden you can create the life you so much desire. You have a major influence on how your garden is growing and how abundant it is. It’s your duty to look after it.

With added vision and focus, your garden will start bearing a plentiful bounty. Let your life be a labour of love, it’s time to get your hands dirty and cherish your garden because you only have one. Remember, you reap what you sow.

About the writer
Luke Sheedy is a gifted life advisor, motivator and free thinker. He combines his metaphysical talents to advise clients on their natural strengths, talents and abilities. Luke helps release what is holding you back, so growth can occur and your life’s plan can unfold naturally.


Feature image via UK Garden Photos, Flickr creative commons