Airport musings en route to TBEX

Airport musings en route to TBEX

How time flies; Aside from the six hours I’ve just spent on a plane, that is … and the following five hours at Hong Kong airport.

I’m on my way to the UK and Europe (Ireland) which is all pretty exciting, although I’ve not had time to think about it, pulling double shifts trying to get ‘ahead’ with business bits.

I discovered the TBEX Future of Travel Media conference plans earlier this year, and with the support of a super understanding guy, here I am on the way to ‘my other home’… again!

It’s almost surreal to spend so much time planning and working towards something that seems so far away, only to be ‘in’ the moment already. It’s a bit of a hike for me this time, with quite a lot of solo travel scheduled, although meeting up with friends and family at each point of my adventure to Ireland, Scotland and England.

TBEX is all about travel: blogging, social media, writing and sharing stories with the world (and on the world). If interested, you can follow the conversation as it happens on Twitter: #TBEX.

The best thing about this kind of gathering, is that it’s an opportunity to mingle with like-minded individuals; people who believe in the concept of working independently and making money doing what you enjoy. Writers, photographers, journalists, content creators and entrepreneurs who are ready to be inspired, and take action on what’s taught. This was something that I loved about the recent Australasian ProBlogger conference on the Gold Coast (more on Twitter: #PBevent) – the network of people who gathered – serious about this ‘blogging business’, with many already enjoying the success of maintaining a blog as their full-time job. Digital media creation at its best. I love it!

I aimed for travel this year, and I’ve got it; let me tell you, that ‘writing down your goals’ thing really does pay off.

It’s interesting that putting something in writing does seem to get it ‘out there’ to the Universe. Do you agree? For me right now, it’s pretty late – waaay past my bedtime – hence the philosophising. My back’s sore and I’m tapping out ever more words for work and leisure. But I’m so lucky to be able to experience this life.

My world tonight in the vast space that is the Hong Kong airport has consisted of a routine visit to Starbucks (yes, unnecessary but habitual), and a frustrated, tired – almost teary period – as I struggled to get the WiFi to boot up. Yes, I’m one of those people who needs internet like smokers hang out for a smoke-break!

As internet kicked in fifteen minutes ago (and my contentedness returned), a random stranger asked if he could use my USB charger facility to juice up his phone, only to wander off and trust me with it (yep, it’s still here next to me now), and a Chinese girl halted mid-walk to snap a selfie in the airport, nearly causing a collision for the people behind her who didn’t expect it – pretty funny, and right in front of me as I hang out on the floor with my laptop (the only place I can sit to access power for my computer, of course).

Now, only two hours to go… although time doesn’t seem to be flying so quickly right now.

3 things people don’t know about travel writers and bloggers

1. It’s not ‘luck’ that gets us places. It’s a lot of hard work both before a trip and on the road. And when our friends are eating/drinking/hanging at the beach, we’re obsessively writing, editing images, stressing that Internet is too slow… all in the name of digital media creation.

2. We’re a quirky bunch; we don’t take holidays – holidays are work, but work is fun ;-)

3. We’re addicted to travel, and we believe it’s the best thing you can do in your life.

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