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Super Easy Social Media by Sarah Blinco

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5 things you may not be doing on your business Facebook page

5 things you may not be doing on your business Facebook page


It’s recently come to my attention that DIY Facebook page managers are unaware of a few of these super easy social media strategies for managing a Facebook page. Here’s a quick post designed to help you today.

5 Things you may not be doing on your business Facebook page

1. Scheduling

You don’t have to post right then and there, in fact, you can schedule a week or more of material ahead of time! Simply compose a post as you usually would, but instead of clicking “post”, select the little clock icon underneath your post and set a time you would like the post to appear.

06 Facebook scheduling

2. Use great images

Social media is becoming more and more visual. If you’re using an image and it’s rubbish, you’d be better off not using an image at all. Where can you source images? Gather up your own resources, or seek royalty free options – there are plenty of free and paid image resources on the Internet, including paid sites like Dreamstime, BigStockShutterstock, and those with free options like Freerange, Free Digital Photos, Flickr (check the licencing information against the image you’re interested in using), FreeImages.com, EveryStockPhoto.com, MorgueFile, Dollar Photo Club and Fotolia (not free but inexpensive).

3. Include a Call to Action

This is simple – ask your readers to take what action you require, whether it be to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘comment’; Ask and generally you shall receive.

4. Be engaged and engaging 

That is, when people comment or message you, always reply. Additionally, encourage conversation by asking questions of your audience and consistently share interesting and helpful information as well as insights into your business (behind-the-scenes photos or stories are always well received).

5. Be social 

Don’t forget to follow other pages from your business page and always check your news stream so you in turn can be social – by that I mean be sure to ‘like’, ‘share’ and ‘comment on’ other posts. Remember, it’s not “all about you” – to network and socialise, you need to reciprocate what you want from others.

Persistence and repetition of these actions pays off in the end.

Do you have a question, or perhaps another tip to add? Please do drop us a line in the comments below.

-Sarah Blinco.

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