The Just Dump It In The Nursery room: time to clear clutter in the home

Do you have a room like the “just dump it in the nursery” room? Most of us do! This post has been inspired by my lovely friend Catherine, who is close to having another bub (although she’s hoping its impending birth and the Christmas rush don’t collide too dramatically).

I had to laugh when I saw her update on social media saying how they’d finally have to do something about that “just dump it in the nursery” room. She’s reached the point where there is no choice but to clear clutter in the home.

We have generally always had a room like this too, or, if no space like in a teency tiny studio flat in London, there would always be ‘a corner’ or ‘a box’ or ‘under’ something.

In the case of a room (or more than one room), sometimes sorting it out can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are like me and you are the ‘organised one’ of the household. That is, the one who knows where everything is when it is needed at any point in time. What’s in our ‘dump and run’ room?

  • Keepsakes
  • Paperwork required for tax and records
  • Spare wrapping paper and gift bags
  • An organ
  • Spare / old clothes, towels, linen
  • Sporting equipment
  • Wii DJ Hero (used once, oops)
  • Hats, bags, scarves, shoes
  • Sporting trophies from school (Cooper’s, not mine … hahaha definitely not mine!)
  • Magazines – hoarded magazines – for work purposes though (I swear!)




Sound familiar? If it was up to Cooper when we need to clear clutter in the home, he’d hire a mini skip and it would all be gone, which potentially wouldn’t be such a bad thing. However, I’m not as willing to give away things we may need in the future, or those things that have sentimental value.

Eventually there comes a time when that corner, box, room or rooms need to be cleaned out though. Where do you start, especially when you’re busy and have family and/or pets running around and visitors looming?

Inspired by Catherine’s situation, but also thinking on this because I have numerous clean up tasks already pencilled in for the holidays (when there aren’t the same work pressures as at other times of the year), I went in search of de-cluttering advice. I’ve just come across this terrific little site I wanted to share,, which appears to be an invaluable resource for when you do indeed need to clear clutter in the home. Here’s just one of their helpful videos:



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Need some extra help? Clutter Rescue has its own YouTube channel you can subscribe to, and even runs Organising Bootcamps for those serious about clearing mess in all aspects of their lives.