Owning up to turning 40

Owning up to turning 40

I spent the first few months of this year hiding from turning 40 on 25 April, wondering if it was all a conspiracy that my parents decided would be a laugh ‘back then’.

Turning 40. That’s not a number I’ve ever thought about much. But then, I’m one of those strange people who gravitates towards the number ’13’, and who would really go back to that age again?

I don’t feel 40 (however turning 40 is meant to feel).
Whatever ’40’ looks like, I’m not sure that I’m it. Maybe you’ll tell me?


Good grief!

In the spirit of marking some of my special birthdays with unique perspectives and gratitude, like I did here five years ago, I figured I’d step up and have a think about what life is like at this milestone too. I can get away with it. It’s my birthday!

I have a friend who I won’t name and shame (Lisa – love you 😘) who declared recently that she’s worried about turning 30… next year!

Stop that. Seriously.

On a truly serious note, my 30s have been ace!

I moved and lived abroad, twice (as you’ll spot if you’re visiting our blog), which has not been without its challenges but is absolutely worth pushing yourself to do.

Jobs have kept me feeling proud, I’ve loved my colleagues in communications and editing magazines, all on my own terms.

True friends’ identities became clear, and I cherish those people. Some are 10 years younger, some older. Different backgrounds and beliefs. But we are all the same as we gossip around the table at lunch.

I’ve helped people and people have helped me.

I’m seeing the world and spot plenty of dogs. Many, many dogs.

I grew into a (crazy) dog person, and that’s fine.

turning 40 and I'm a proud dog person

Clarity, strength and intuition thrive, it’s true – this piece on the topic of turning 40 in Huffington Post covers it nicely.

I appreciate my family – all of them, immediate and extended – so much more. They are there for me despite distance and time.

I finally got to Ibiza, my spiritual dancing home (vlog coming soon!) – and will be back.

I know my way around London which is incredible considering my sense of direction is rubbish. We’ve marked ANZAC Day in London too. And perhaps this year Cooper and I will meet the Queen, a fellow April baby.

I’ve experienced and subsequently face head-on hurt, anxiety, stress and mental health challenges. Let me know if you want to chat 👍

I appreciate good health more and more each day. I’ve witnessed near misses in my inner circle. Some of my friends never got to turn 40 years old, and that makes me remember to be grateful more than anything else.

Things on this side of turning 40 seem fairly cool, now that I think about it.

I hand out Post-it Notes at work with my main learning:

All IS well.


I freely express creativity and joy.

I seek experiences, not stuff.

I’ve grown and love and I’m proud of this.

It’s funny, because I don’t like the no.40. but I reckon it’ll be ok, because I have Cooper, and loved ones and great adventures ahead. I truly hope you do too, my friend, no matter what that number is for you this year.

I’m not defined by my age. All it does is make me wiser and happier in many ways.

You can’t go back but we can look forward.

So fine, I’ll own turning 40, and it’ll be excellent, I’m sure. Especially if you leave a comment below. Go on – it’s my birthday! 😊