Palm Cove and an army of brides

It’s one of North Queensland’s prettiest, most stylish beaches, and this weekend (while visiting newly wedded friends, Kellie and Damian on their honeymoon) we spotted five weddings along the beach at Palm Cove! Great that they all chose Saturday afternoon (because it was gorgeous, especially compared with Sunday which was a bit drizzly and disgusting); but I was wondering how they all came to divvy up a spot on the beach front. Seems all went off without a hitch though, and we didn’t notice any runaway brides later on in the evening – just a few tipsy revellers resort-hopping.  Seems it ’tis the season for tying the knot, but we were just as happy watching the spectacle and indulging in $10 cocktails during Vivo‘s happy hour from 3pm. This 2-minute video offers a dreamy snapshot of what it’s like in this idyllic little beach precinct 25-minutes drive from Cairns (on the way to Port Douglas):



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By Sarah Blinco

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