Whitstable day trip from London

If the sun comes out we want for nothing more than to head to the seaside, and a Whitstable day trip from London hits just that spot!

Whitstable is a quaint seaside destination in Kent, just over an hour’s train ride from St Pancras (at Kings Cross).

A Whitstable day trip from London means you can enjoy quaint shopping, seafood aplenty, oysters, oysters, oysters… and best of all, there are dogs everywhere!

Our travel tip however, would be to go early because if you strike a lovely day, by around midday this little town is packed.

It’s famous for an annual Oyster festival, and to give you some idea of how popular this is, the town’s is population is around 32,000 and during this festival attracts an additional 40,000!

Take a look around at our seaside escape, and book your Whitstable day trip from London ASAP.


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