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Ooops, I spent all day on Pinterest!

Ooops, I spent all day on Pinterest!

…Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Britney song did, but still, I thought I should share this fabulous if not slightly addictive new site. For those of you out there sighing, ‘OMG that is so five minutes ago’, I know I’m not the very first to discover Pinterest.com but I’m certainly not the last either. This ‘Virtual Pinboard’ is actually quite extraordinary, especially for anyone out there who was like me as a kid – obsessed with creating scrapbooks, cutting favourite images out of my many magazines and filing them neatly into a very pretty scrapbook (or five – proudly filed under ‘Music’, ‘TV’, ‘Film’, ‘Celebrities’ and ‘Misc’)… or maybe it was just me?

Anyway, I decided I’d better finally take a look at the site after hearing and reading about the name extensively over the past couple of weeks. Pinterest is being dubbed ‘the next big thing’ in Social Media. I surely hope there aren’t too many more of these ‘next big things’ because I’m struggling to stay on top of it all. However, I’ll accept the challenge – as I did today. Pinterest is great for people who like imagery, allowing you to ‘organise and share beautiful images you find on the web’. All you do is download the easy Pinterest ‘Pin It’ button for your web browser once you’ve been invited to join via www.Pinterest.com, and every time you come across an image you like and want to share, the magic Pin It function will give you simple instructions on how to add the picture to a Pin Board on your Pinterest page. Share wedding dress options, visions for the future, places you want to visit, books that have inspired you… honestly it goes on and on, and today on this site I have too. It’s actually rather exciting then when people start ‘liking’ your images, ‘re-pinning’ them and commenting. All in the name of Social Media research… but remember too there are some very commercial reasons why you should consider having a play on this site (don’t forget to always cross-promote to a relevant website if you are using such mediums for sales or promotion)! Some days I do very much like my job ;-)


Sarah / My Pinterest Page x