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5 easy ways for writers to source media story leads and opportunities

5 easy ways for writers to source media story leads and opportunities

Are you a writer, journalist or blogger? If you answered ‘yes’, you’ll appreciate the issue of discovering leads, case studies, sources and opportunities. Here’s a fast guide to five top sites that might just help you this week …


1. NEWSMODO / Tweet @newsmodo_com

Here publishers send out briefs to freelancers, indicating whether they need story leads or photographs.

It’s a good one to be signed up to as many of the media utilising this service have dollars to spend on your worthy leads, pitches and ideas.


2. SOURCE BOTTLE / Tweet @sourcebottle

This one has been a favourite in the southern hemisphere for a while, but its reach is now worldwide.

Essentially, SourceBottle connects expert sources with journalists and bloggers who are after case studies or quotes for stories.


3.  RESPONSE SOURCE / Tweet @ResponseSource and @DWPub

ResponseSource is like the UK’s version of SourceBottle, and gives journalists, broadcasters and bloggers fast access to reliable stories, experts, information and case studies.


4.  HELP A REPORTER OUT / Tweet @helpareporter

Another of the world’s top ‘lead’ sites, although this one is essentially American-based.

As a writer, you’ll receive emails outlining what media are looking for – sources, pitches, case studies, information – and if you can ‘help them out’, you have the opportunity to respond.

A great resource on how to use HAR is published here


5. SOCIAL CALLOUT / Tweet @SocialCallout

A relatively new digital service linking brands to bloggers. As a blogger, you’ll receive notes on which brands are looking for digital/social support, and if your space fits the criteria, you can apply for the opportunity advertised.


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Enjoy your week, Sarah x