House Sitting NEW + TRENDING in 2024: Trust My Pet Sitter!

House Sitting NEW + TRENDING in 2024: Trust My Pet Sitter!

In this episode of Freedom and Four Paws, meet Angela Fagan founder of Trust My Pet Sitter. Tune in for an inspiring chat about what’s new in the world of house sitting. You’ll learn how to stand out from the crowd! And, discover a new platform that’s matching experienced house sitters with great global sits. 



New and trending: Trust My Pet Sitter

Welcome to a very special episode of Freedom and Four Paws, where we explore the fascinating world of house and pet sitting with a twist of adventure. In this episode, we’re thrilled to sit down with Angela Fagan, the pioneering founder of Trust My Pet Sitter (TMP).

Angela joins us to share her journey, the inception of TMP, and how her platform is reshaping the house and pet sitting landscape globally. Angela, with her profound experience in recruitment and investment in the house and pet sitting world, shares her journey to establishing TMP, driven by a passion to connect pet parents with the most reliable and caring pet sitters worldwide.

Delving into the mechanics of TMP, Angela explains the unique application and matching system designed to ensure a perfect fit between pet parents and sitters, highlighting the point of difference of their service and its emphasis on trust and communication. She shares expert advice on common flaws seen in pet sitting applications and offers actionable advice for aspiring candidates to stand out in 2024, emphasising the importance of professionalism, authenticity, and specific skills that make an application irresistible.


How to Get Ahead in the House Sitting Game

Angela also sheds light on emerging trends in the house-sitting industry for 2024, advising our audience on how to adapt and position yourselves advantageously. With TMP’s boutique approach to house sit matching, she outlines the core criteria for sitters looking to join her elite lineup, stressing experience, dedication, and a genuine love for animals.

By the episode’s end, you will not only discover a brand-new house-sitting option that could revolutionise your travel and pet sitting experience but also learn the top actions to take now to get noticed for the world’s best sits.


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