Pre Yasi

Well, am not sure what Queensland did to piss off mother nature, but she sure is mad right now. It has barely been a couple of weeks since Rockhampton down to Brisbane (a vast area of land) was flooded beyond recognition, and now a very serious category 5 storm is about to smash down on the North, with Cairns (my childhood home) as the main target.


Tweet #TCYasi for updates, unbelievable Nasa pics of the storm and more.


My friends are waking up to news that Tropical Cyclone Yasi is still on route, but worse, it’s intensified to a category 5. For those of you who are not familiar with cyclones and hurricanes, this is about as bad as it gets. Police updates are along the lines of, “this cyclone going to be extremely destructive, and will cause devastation over hundreds of kilometres of coastline and adjacent areas; it’s the worst seen in generations.”


This time my Dad is in the middle of it… And my dog, and several sets of our family and friends. Distressing and upsetting. I have been through these cyclones, and they can be merciless. Category 5 is to be feared though, and I am praying it turns around because it could destroy homes, lives, livelihoods…


Everything we own is stored in a house in the flood surge area, and I know it isn’t human life, but I have precious possessions dating back to childhood there, and I can’t even try to save them. I wish I could help my Dad take care of his business premises in the city, also in the storm and flood path; and my Auntie + the dogs…


Please turn around, scary cyclone.


Here is a message I just received from Cairns. Word on the street, if you will. Sums up the atmosphere very well:


 “It is eerily quiet here in Cairns- no revellers on the street. All the shops in the centre are at about the 3m surge line so we have lifted what we can off the ground as an added precaution but who knows how significant an issue it may be. Woolies is out of tinned spaghetti 🙁  Text messages only soon, to save battery. Watched on as four hercules aircraft medivaced about 200 patients from Cairns Base and 50 from the private to Brisbane last night! The latest forecast indicates Gordonvale/Innisfail about the same path as Cyclone Larry. I was talking to a guy today who is madly trying to pick his paw paws- his first crop since Larry. Just saw channel 7 take their OB unit from under the Casino- I think they are the only vehicle on the street now. The signature noise of the wind in the palms has just started, but reassuringly the council sprinklers have just come on……”


I guess next time I write here we will all know the outcome of what is a stressful waiting game for the next ten hours or so in Far North Queensland today.


Take care friends xx

Travel Tales

Wow, two posts from me in one day! Don’t you feel special?! 🙂

Found this posted online today, am pretty excited to be featured on’s travel site this month:


~ Bye bye January, hello February! ~

This weekend I:

1. Learned some awesome journalistic tips and tricks from the brilliant Johanna Payton
2. Made a new friend from Barcelona who is going to teach me Spanish!
3. Discovered a fab £10 meal deal from Pasta Rossa (2nd floor Whiteleys Shopping Centre, W2 4YN) – if you live in the area, yummy!
4. Bused over to Wembley to support a junior soccer…oops, football game. The score was nill-all, but the passion was there. Good on you kids.
5. Drank far too much red wine… it was the weekend, after all.

Monday morning… time to work, d’oh.

SB x

Sarah Blinco She Goes

Sarah Blinco featured on She Goes: Click to read the full story


Lady Luck on our side: winning in London

January 25, quite a good date for me each year. Not sure why, perhaps it is wishful thinking. It stands out in my mind because it was around this time in 2000 that I was in California, and shy as I was, I used my tiny bit of 20-year-old media savvy to talk my way into Fox Studios and on to The X-Files set. So awesome. I still have that security pass! Hopefully my day at work will be ok, although I can’t imagine something that exciting would happen…

Although it did last week! On Tuesday we received a thank-you card from Victoria Beckham for some gifts and a letter I’d packaged up for her a week earlier. Très exciting! Then, on Thursday I randomly decided to listen online to Capital FM London and heard they were running a promotion for the new Harrison Ford film, Morning Glory, set in a Breakfast TV context. The following day was the last they were calling for stories on people who met in the workplace. As our old mates know, Cooper and I originally met in radio, and hosted a popular breakfast show for a little over two years, even winning a Radio Award in 2001! This is how we got to know each other, and our relationship was generally a secret, or so we thought… Anyway(long story short), nine years and an engagement later, I thought this would be a good story for on-air. I was shy to send it in though – I am not good with mornings now! However, an all expenses paid 5-day trip to New York was an enticing incentive, and when I saw a poster for NYC at the tube station on the way to work I knew it was a sign.

6.45am the next morning, I am in the shower and the phone rings… Fortunately they rang back to give me the heads up – I was a finalist!! The producer encouraged me to practice my story and be on stand-by at 7:15am. Loitering in the dark cold street outside where I could get reception on my phone, I nervously awaited a call back, cursing the bus that just pulled up as it was noisy and interfering with my line.

Phone rings, and I’m instructed to wait on the line. Listening to the ads and being on hold to go on air reminded me of waiting to do my Street Team ‘thunder’ crosses for B105FM in Brisbane lol. Anyway, was on air for about 2 to 3 minutes and think my cross went pretty well, for a rusty old radio chic. Oh, and we won the trip to New York!!!

I was madly trying to call Cooper to tell him, but of all days he left his phone at home! My email to him that day went something like:

“I seriously can’t believe you left your phone at home today. I won that trip to NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. Happy dance happy dance happy dance xxxxxx”

Facebook lit up with well wishes and I couldn’t concentrate very well on Friday. We actually won this on Cooper’s lovely sister (Kiri’s) birthday, so I can only hope it is a good sign for everyone for the year to come.

NYC roof 230 Fifth Dscn2156 [800x600]

SB x