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He’s the man of the moment on iTunes today with his single Gangnam Style appearing at number one on the iTunes singles chart as of 18 September, 2012.  No doubt a lot of people are wondering who is PSY and what is ‘Gangnam style’?

With 180 million views on Youtube, and appearances in the past two weeks on New York’s Today Show, The Ellen Show where he taught Britney Spears how to do ‘the horse dance’, and a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live, Korean music sensation PSY has certainly hit the big time.

PSY is a Korean performer who has been around for a number of years, well-known in Korea, but with the release of his latest rap song and dance number  Gangnam Style he has become an overnight sensation to the rest of the world. Everyone is singing along and wanting to learn how to do his ‘horse dance’.

For the many listeners who have downloaded PSY’s new single, perhaps they are wondering what is ‘Gangnam style’?  Gangnam is the trendy southern suburb of Seoul city with its very popular designer fashion stores, trendy cafes and restaurants and nightclubs which attract the young and wealthy Korean  celebrities.  It is Seoul city’s Rodeo Drive where all the young Seoul hipsters hang out seeking all the latest trends of the emerging Korean style and fashion scene.

For visitors to Seoul it’s a great place to spend a day to see the modern young heart of Seoul and enjoy the many attractions it offers.  Go shopping on Cheongdam-dong and Apgujeong Shopping Streets and pick up some bargains in the trendy fashion stores.  These streets are the most popular shopping areas frequented by Korean celebrities, and you may even be lucky enough to see PSY or some of Korea’s famous girl bands, performers or actors shopping in this area.

There are many great cafes and bars in this area with places like Gorilla in the Kitchen owned by famous Korean movie star Bae Yong Joon where you can enjoy lunch.  Additionally, you’ll discover numerous excellent Korean restaurants where you can try traditional cuisine.

Terrific salons/spas are also plentiful, so you can enjoy some pampering – have a facial or a massage and treat yourself after a busy day shopping.  At night the clubs of Gangnam come alive and there are many to choose from where you can see the unique Gangnam style for yourself and you never know, perhaps you can even get a private lesson from PSY on how to do the ‘horse dance’.

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