Dealing with disaster when you’re not at home

What a week it has been. This time last Monday, Toowoomba was about to be swamped by a freak inland tsunami (ironically sad, being that the Queensland city is just coming out of horrendous drought), and Brisbane, Ipswich, even my little home in the town of Withcott (just a few minutes outside Toowoomba) were about to be flooded to disaster proportions. To see it all unfolding on the news in the UK was distressing and upsetting. Our home, literally, in turmoil.

Dealing with disaster when you’re not at home

Through it all I discovered Twitter’s amazing communicative power, sourcing all my news and updates quickly and easily from #QLDfloods, even updating my mum in Brisbane city on power supply details. Sad though to see death updates streaming through.

Still, to be looking in, the Aussie spirit was (and is) alive and well. So much positivity and ‘mateship’, and everyone working together, from the Red Cross to the RSPCA. We will recover, and are lucky to have the resources to do so. A very sad week all the same.

Making the best of it: recent UK exploration 

By Holly HayesOnto our recent discoveries here: Last weekend prior to all this flood upset, we finally got to the British Museum. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere like it! So huge, filled with simply amazing historical relics, documents and artifacts from places like Egypt, Japan, China, South America, Africa, Europe and even Fiji, PNG and Australia. Like most museums here, it was free to enter and is definitely worth checking out. Oh, and the hot dogs being sold outside ARE as good as the smell!

In our 2011 mission to see something new each weekend, this past couple of days we headed over to the peaceful and beautiful residential precinct of Canada Water (offers a distinct Canadian feel, and is located by quaint streams and near The Thames); next stop up is the bustling, modern Canary Wharf– very yuppy (we kinda liked it).

My mate Nicola also suggested ‘the best kept secret in London’ – a lovely little precinct down under Tower Bridge, next to Tower of London and on the Thames, St Katharine’s Docks (pictured above, image by Holly Hayes). Quaint boats are docked here, and there are several coffee shops, restaurants and the delightful Dickens Inn pub – friendly helpful staff, nice food, three levels, free WiFi and beautiful setting. Seek it out for yourselves… (closest tube is Tower Hill).


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