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The final instalment of the Twilight saga launched on Blu-Ray and DVD this week, and with it some interesting stats on how we apparently see the world. To determine the real impact the Twilight Saga has made on Australians across the country, Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment commissioned a survey, which revealed:
  • 3/4 Aussies prefer to live in a fantasy rather than reality
  • Astonishingly 3/4 of Aussies have watched at least one Twilight movie showing that the impact goes further than just teenage girls
  • Edward and Bella’s relationship has raised Aussie expectations when it comes to romance
  • More than a third of women rate Edward and Bella’s first kiss and first date better than their own
  • 15% said that Edward and Bella’s no sex before marriage has impacted on their celibacy decision



The details went as follows:

The fantasy created by The Twilight Saga author, Stephanie Meyer; one of teenage angst, romance and immortal love, has resonated strongly with Australian audiences. While three quarters of Aussies wish that fictional elements of the series were real, ranking highest on the wishlist of vampire/werewolf supernatural abilities is seeing into the future, followed closely by mind-reading and super strength. More than a third (34%) also desire the gift of immortality.

The survey, commissioned by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to mark the DVD and Bluray release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, also revealed that the fantasy of a love triangle between a human, a vampire, and a werewolf has significantly raised Aussies’ expectations when it comes to romance!

With 76% of Australians having watched at least one movie from The Twilight Saga, and some watching a single movie up to 20 times, it seems it is not only teenage girls who have dreamt of what it might be  like to be swept off their feet by a vampire. Over half of Aussie women claim to desire a love that rivals the fictional characters of Edward and Bella; with more than a third going so far as to rate Edward and Bella’s first kiss and first date better than their own.

Psychologist, Meredith Fuller comments: “The comparison of real-life events and situations to the story-lines of films and books by everyday people is not new. The escapism that films such as those in The Twilight Saga offer can sometimes be extremely strong, offering people an ‘away’, even for 90minutes, from their own lives. It isn’t only escapism; a number of teens find that these films – in addition to their friends discussing the themes, provide a sense of ethics or codes to live their lives by. As the survey reveals, just like teenager, Bella Swan; more than half of teen girls claim to have an understanding of what Bella’s life is like in the Twilight movies, relating their own real-life situations to her struggles. Moral themes from the film also resonated with the younger audience; 15% said that Edward and Bella’s ‘no sex before marriage’ has impacted their celibacy decision.”

What do you make of all this then? Are we really a bunch of fantasy-obsessed groupies who secretly wish to be either a vampire or a werewolf (I know which I’ rather be ;-) ?

Is there anything wrong with this type of escapism? When does it go too far? Do you really think Edward and Bella have set a good example by holding on sex before marriage?

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