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Video, editorial, social 

Managing communications and digital experience for small and medium sized businesses specialising in areas of health, lifestyle, education and travel.

Please find samples of our work below, and a link to our media kit here (PDF)

Travel vlogs and videos

Shareable and ‘how to’ content covering destinations, experiences and events. Channel: youtube.com/travellivelearn.

Published magazine features

Fifteen years experience editing and writing for lifestyle magazines and websites in Australia, the UK and North America. Click to open and read each sample.

Bespoke video coverage 

Social media event coverage and shareable video for small and medium sized businesses.

Digital storytelling

Presenting on creativity and communications.

Sarah Blinco and Cooper Dawson – find out more

Recent collaborations 

  • The Brussels Journey, Belgium 
  • Point A Hotels, UK
  • Globe Trekker TV
  • IAmsterdam
  • Visit Cologne, Germany
  • To Tuscany, Italy 
  • Linguistica Australia
  • James Cook University Australia 
  • Study Cairns, Australia 
  • Traders Hotels Australasia

Professional services offered

  • social media and digital content management
  • user experience and website consultation
  • communications and media planning 
  • publication / magazine development 
  • writing and editing
  • multimedia production
  • training 
  • events