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It’s finally here. I’m sitting at Cairns’ airport waiting for the flight that will take me on the first leg of my journey back towards the UK. I’ve been so excited about it for weeks but about an hour ago I must admit to feeling a little teary. I’ll let you in on a secret. I’ve never been on my own this far from home before. While many of my friends went travelling when they were younger, I was pursuing career opportunities. I’d always felt I missed out on travel; that was until we had the chance to go and live + work in the UK because a school there required Cooper’s teaching skills. That was 2010. Of course I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of travelling since then, but here’s the second part of my secret – I’ve been through everything major in my life with Cooper by my side since I was 21. I’m now 33 – actually I’m 32 but turning 33 this week… while I’m away (don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday alone either). He’s been there to help me lug bags, waits patiently for me to deal with the occasional ‘Sarah freak-outs’ (usually when I’m lacking sleep), guides me through my ‘blonde moments’ and makes me laugh when I’m worried about things. I feel a little like a kid off for their first day of school – which is ridiculous because I’m too old to be worried about being so far away from home on my own for two weeks with all manner of things that could go wrong – aren’t I? Mini freak-out no.1.

Then there’s the ‘Harry factor’ – the dog-child who for some reason since I’ve been home has clung to me for dear life and looks for me when I’m gone. I fret that he’s 10-years-old, fragile and sensitive. Actually, he’ll probably be right if Cooper just keeps feeding him bones – the answer to all life’s dilemmas – in a dog’s world, anyway. Consequently I did a last-minute dash to IGA this morning to stock up on frozen, crunchy treats for him.

I will miss my boys, and yes Cooper, although I am irritable at times I do very much appreciate you (especially now I have to lug my own bags). As I sit at the airport de-stressing with a Corona at The Coffee Club (as one does), I stop to take a breath and look forward. Soon I’ll be back in London – not my second home, but my ‘other’ home. For this travel blogging opportunity (thanks Escape Travel!) I’m beyond grateful. I must have done something good in a past life, I reckon. I accidently-on-purpose forgot to pack a hat and scarf – oops! First stop, Accessorize. I will be tired when I get there too and therefore will require sustenance – Starbucks and Tesco it is! It is funny how you miss some seemingly small, insignificant things that are part of daily life – Superdrug, Boots, Sainsburys, Camden Market and Broadway Market… London Bridge, The Thames, St Pauls, Angel and London Fields. Hey…there’s that little skip in my heart again! See you all on the other side x



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