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Being that this site is about ‘learning’ as much as it is about life, travel and other fun stuff, I thought I’d share (with those who care) my WordPress journey. I’ve tried to venture into the world of WordPress for a number of years now, but I’m not a programmer and I get frustrated rather quickly when things don’t work out my way. Each time I attempted to subscribe, install, update and use WordPress, I’d swiftly encounter barriers that meant I’d have to call an actual programmer to get me through. No time and no money meant I ended up utilising Blogger and Posterous, which, for all intents and purposes, served me well.


I want to evolve online though, and so after much deliberation (and self-education) I have finally moved to a WordPress platform. This is all old news to many, and I’m well aware that millions of bloggers and website owners from all over the world have been using WordPress for a while. That said, I’m also aware there are a number of people ‘out there’, like me, who want to venture into a zone of professional writing, blogging and maintaining business/personal websites, so THIS little post is for you. I found out there are servers out there offering a ‘one click’ install of WordPress onto the domain of your choice. I’m going to give props to the host I found most useful, Dreamhost.com – this site allowed me to buy a domain name, sign up for web hosting AND one-click install WordPress – all for a very reasonable price, and even with a two week trial.


The long and short of it is, if you have an idea but haven’t registered a web space yet, give this method a try. Sure, it took me days to figure out themes, widgets and to re-edit 150 imported blog posts from Posterous, BUT I did it, and I learned a few things along the way. If this sounds like a challenge you’re up for, then go LEARN this one new thing today. Let me know how you go. Oh, and if you’re an ‘expert’ reading this and you have any awesome, easy-to-understand tips for newbies, thanks in advance for sharing 🙂


Sarah x



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