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Expat Explore

Today I received some very exciting news! Not only are we heading to Europe in August (my first trip there, can’t wait to see Prague and Amsterdam, Florence, Munich and Barcelona!) but the kind folk at Expat Explore (EE) have agreed to let me loose as their official travel reporter!

So, as we experience the whole trip, you can journey along the way with us via the new Expat Explore adventure blog (stay tuned for the direct link), Twitter (@expatexplore) and EE’s Facebook page. Whether you’re in Australia, NZ, Japan, America, Canada, Africa, UK… if you’re considering travelling to Europe or Egypt, follow online for updates and deals. We did our research before actually booking, and the EE itineraries and prices were the best for those who want to enjoy a quality trip at a decent price. Now we’re eagerly awaiting the time when we can jump on the bus… first stop, Bruges. Now, what to pack…