Doggy Day Out

doggy day out

Another day, another dog show… if they’re on in London, we’ll sniff them out.

Cooper and I aren’t sure if our new found obsession with saying hello to every dog in the street, cafe or park is because we very much miss our own little canine companion, and/or because, well, we just love dogs.

Regardless, it’s a proven fact that petting a dog is good for your health and happiness (as well as theirs), so when we found out about the Kensington Dashing Dog Show, we knew we had to be there.

dog show

Set in the lush grounds of Kensington Palace (just up the road from where we originally lived in London’s W2), the day consisted of dog competitions, choir performances, cute ‘doggy dash’ races and ‘waggiest tail’ competitions, merchandise stalls and many dogs (and humans in some cases) in costume.

The palace (situated on the edge of the vast space that is Kensington Gardens (which leads into Hyde Park)) is undergoing a major restoration project, and this doggy day out was designed as a fundraiser.

dog show people

In the early 1800s this location was Queen Victoria’s home (in fact, she was born at Kensington Palace in 1819), and it

was here that she lavished much affection on her childhood pet, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Dash – hence, The Dashing Dog Show.

Of note was a stall by Elinor Creations – brilliant doggy art, customised even, to each individual family’s dog(s).

Send her an image and she’ll create a brilliant caricature on canvas – see examples at

You’ll be pleased to know we did meet (and cuddle) many a gorgeous pooch. A few pics HERE.



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