Mindfulness on a Malta vacation

Often I just want to run away from a computer, overwhelmed by eight hours or more in front of one for work (perpetually in need of a Malta vacation, it seems). Other times, when without apparatus to scribble down my thoughts, I long for anything that will enable me to record ideas. Malta vacation – an exercise [...]

London drone experience (behind the scenes)

  Drone coach, Richard, hosted us on a London drone experience to find out more about how to operate this tech safely and to introduce us to the possibilities drones have on our work as bloggers and content creators. This all happened on the same day the government in the UK announced drone registration for all users, [...]

Positive effects of social media: 5 ways to make it work for you

I can’t be the only one to have spotted all the headlines earlier this year – one of the top 10 new years’ resolutions around the globe is about quitting social media. Positive effects of social media Yet, ironically over the Christmas break I discovered the positive effects of social media, and how to enjoy the user [...]